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    Good Game

    Greetings everyone! A few of us are building an in-browser multiplayer game in BabylonJS. It's been fun! The code can be found on Github. If you have someone to play with, visit: The server is in South Africa so it might be a bit laggy depending on where you are. We're looking at building AI for bots and re-skinning the models for the game. * If you are interested in being involved please shout! *
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    Good Game

    A suggestion on one forum is it could be that I'm not hosting over ssl
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    Good Game

    Woh! Thanks for the heads up. Could I ask a huge favor? Would you mind pasting the message Avast gives you? There's literally nothing dodgy in there. You can see the code on github
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    Best approach to moving mesh quickly along a fixed path

    Thank you @Dad72. This looks fantastic!
  5. Good day I'm working on a small multiplayer game and I've bumped into a problem. I'd like to ask the community if you have any ideas about moving a mesh along a well understood line (xyz --> xyz) at a particular speed? At the moment I'm using a 'hacky solution'. setInterval mesh.position.x += Math.sin(this.sBullet.point.rotation) * this.sBullet.speed * 3 mesh.position.z += Math.cos(this.sBullet.point.rotation) * this.sBullet.speed * 3 I've noticed some lag when there are many bullets flying around. It occurred to me, that with the path and speed being static at the point of the bullet being instantiated I might be able to "set it up and let it go". May I ask if anyone has come across a super efficient way to hand this over to Babylon or a lower level instead of using a timer and increment it every couple ms in JS?
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    Good Game

    BTW we're looking for someone to do our 3D models. If anyone is interested please shout!
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    Good Game

    Hello Wingnut Thank's for the welcome! And also for the bug report! I suspect it's an bug on my part as we haven't tested on FF before. Appreciate the tip!