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  1. Barak Inbal

    Create Simple Multiplayer

    Hey I want to create a simple Tic Toe Multiplayer Mobile game using phaser 2. The game need to support the following modes: Multiplayer between 2 anonymous players Multiplayer between 2 google account players Multiplayer between 2 facebook account players I have the following questions: How can I implement this? using websockets or pooling? Do I have to use inroder to implement websocket communication between 2 mobile players? Which other libraries do I can use for creating moblie multiplayers between 2 players? Thanks in advance Barak Inbal
  2. Barak Inbal

    Phaser 3 Future

    Thanks for the quickly reply. Another and final question will it have support cordova and mobile out of the box?
  3. Barak Inbal

    Phaser 3 Future

    Hey I would like to know when Phaser 3 will come out of beta and will be a Release Candidate? Thanks in Advance.