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  1. Hi NasimiAsl, I have sorted this - I increased the margin around the edge of the UV.
  2. Hello, When I view a model exported from Blender with textures applied I have darkening to the UV seams / borders when you view closer to a tangent. Example is here: My textures are power of 2 (1024 x 2048 px). Does anyone have suggestions how to avoid this? The problem disappears when I remove the .ambientTexture (AO / lightmap). Thank you.
  3. Self Illuminated Texture - how to?

    not that I know of, but: mat.emissiveColor = new BABYLON.Color3(0.5,0.5,0.5); ...would reduce the strength. However, PBRMaterial has emissiveIntensity.
  4. Get current frame from animation

    Yes, I see it clearly - sorry, I should have looked at my screen! So, to confirm... .currentFrame v3.2.0-alpha2 correctly shows current frame 3.1.1 shows 0 for current frame
  5. Get current frame from animation

    I don't get an error in the console, it simply states frame 0 regardless of what frame the animation is at. Can I find the Babylon version from the console?
  6. Get current frame from animation

    Many thanks RaananW, This works with but not with (I am unsure of versions). Much appreciated.
  7. Hello, I have an animation which I start with a function containing this: scene.beginAnimation(scene.getMeshByName("Cube"), 0, 60, false, 1.0); How do I get the current frame number, assuming I stop or pause it at some arbitrary point whilst the animation is running. Thank you,
  8. Sorted it.. and for anyone else struggling with this, here's what I did: var easingFunction = new BABYLON.QuadraticEase(); easingFunction.setEasingMode(BABYLON.EasingFunction.EASINGMODE_EASEINOUT); scene.getMeshByName("Cube.001").animations[0].setEasingFunction(easingFunction); scene.beginAnimation(scene.getMeshByName("Cube.001"), 0, 60, false, 1.0); animations[0] in this case is rotation, found by running this in the console: scene.getMeshByName("Cube.001").animations
  9. Hello, I have a very simple animation in Babylon.js using an exported Blender scene; a cube that starts at 0°, rotates 90° then back to 0°. I start this animation using using a function containing this: scene.beginAnimation(scene.getMeshByName("Cube"), 0, 60, false); The Blender file has 3 keyframes and I do not want to bake them before exporting - all easings need to be in Babylon. How to I apply easing to an easing function, say, QuadraticEase() using EASINGMODE_EASEINOUT to this in Babylon? Any help would really be appreciated. Thank you.