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  1. This works better: hopefully on the correct path with this.
  2. Here's something which does very vaguely what I'm looking for although very badly - it creates an SVG of the vertices as viewed from the camera including 'hidden' lines.
  3. You can get the structure of the .babylon PBR setup here: Maybe change the above PG to match what you are expecting to see then download & compare. is a very good tool for picking thru JSON / .babylon files.
  4. @JonVarner - just a thought.. but I wonder if when you use the Principled BSDF shader, the exporter would pick up on this and save as PBR. Would require the baking of textures to be disabled when using Cycles though.
  5. You're welcome. Hope you get on okay.
  6. PS. attached is my modified 5.6.2 which exports all material as PBR, but nothing more than that, it does not include texture, colour etc.
  7. Hi @JonVarner, This thread may help you.... but the important bit is that under each of the materials, for it to be treated as PBR the exporter needs to add: customType":"BABYLON.PBRMateria´╗┐l"
  8. babbleon

    FXAA quality

    @BMWPilote, have you tried: engine.setHardwareScalingLevel(0.5)
  9. Many thanks @brianzinn - I will have a look later, I am pretty busy today and likely wont have chance to see if I can work with it.
  10. three.js has an svg renderer: & ... Maybe I could extract my vertices in a similar way.
  11. babbleon

    cameraHelper type of thing?

    Hi @Sebavan, would you be able to point me in the right direction for the boundingBoxRenderer thing please? I haven't used TS before, so this may be a way to learn it a bit. Thank you.
  12. babbleon

    cameraHelper type of thing?

    this shows camera.radius now, too:
  13. babbleon

    cameraHelper type of thing?

    Cheers @brianzinn.. and I'm sure we have all had lights pointing the wrong way too, so that will help out too when I get onto light helpers.
  14. So, if I start from the basics.. is there a way to check if one particular vertex of a mesh is visible from a camera?
  15. Thank you @Sebavan - I was thinking of extracting each individual visible vertex of a mesh and using that somehow. I could render as lines, then get the server to run Potrace to vectorise it, but I will lose accuracy and so this is not really an option. It needs to be millimetre perfect. I will have a think.