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    dev12 - ELITIST CRAFT MASTERS New Features: + A new system for creating items through concepts, machines, prototypes, masters, competences. + Added a new class - Technician. Knows how to fight, has its own set of perks, can craft equipment. + Added a new location, in which the recipes drop - Tantalum Library. + Now displays the current and maximum number of characters in the group. + Added the ability to hire characters for money (for the most part). + Added the issuance of a reward in the form of money when performing a cyclical quest for the killing of wolves. + I added icons for all characteristics and special rules of the character. + There are levels for equipment. The level of manufactured equipment depends on the competences of the master. + Added a panel with detailed information about the selected item. + Added a new intermediate perk for the development of elite shooters. Changes: o Fixed the assignment of equipment to the characters. o Fixed a calculation of the progress of quests. o Demonic mobs are corrected skills in combat (using queue, grenades). o Fixed a decrease in resources when crafting. o Added a mob icon. Bullet Bandit. o The gunner of the bandits again enters into close combat. o Fixed the healer's feats. o Fixed the development of elite shooters. o Pomegranate from the Heavy Mobs has been removed. See details on Wiki
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    [WIP] Silone.Online MMO TBS

    Title: Silone.Online Genre: Online TBS with elements of tactical simulator and RPG. Platforms: Web Tech: ASP.NET, Angular, Pixi.js, SignalR, Howler. Developer: Combat Dices Team Hello, everyone. I am an indie game developer from Tomsk, Russia. In my spare time I develop my small project - Silone.Online. Periodically I accept help from friends and third-party developers, artists, musicians. Work is conducted from 2016. Now the game is implemented: - A global map with many provinces. - A unique system of character development, based on the work performed, and not on the levels. - Dialogues, usually ending with a quest. - Craft equipment and lots of resources. - Free trade between players. Direct game link here: Development Log in VK Page on Patreon Gameplay video