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  1. Can anyone suggest any good Android native library and sample for loading .gltf model and its animations?
  2. @Deltakosh Thanks a lot for quick reply. I have researched more on .gltf format and looks like it is/will be supported on multiple cross platform technologies like iOS, Android, Web, Unity and many others. Is it the case that .gltf will going to be a globally acceptable format in 3D world in near future.
  3. First of all Thanks for creating such a nice 3D framework BabylonJS for web. Its really cool and I loved it like anything. My usecase is "To modify 3D model .babylon file from Web application and download it in Android app and render in native activity/view". Here, I can able to modify my 3D .babylon model from web however looks like currently no support available for 3D .babylon rendering in Android native. I can see third party android libraries to load 3D model formats like .dae, .fbx but not .babylon. If I could get any .babylon to .dae converter then my life will be easy. Expecting some help from Babylon community on this.