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  1. Aliasing in VR mode

    Hey, thanks for the welcome! Original canvas takes 100% of the page so it's technically a fullscreen. Pixel count shouldn't be a problem here as far as I understand. Lines looked very jagged both on my display and windows mixed reality device (2k monitor, 1440x1440 per eye on mixed reality). Yes, disabling compensateDistortion in the constructor resulted in everything looking nice back again. Could you please elaborate what's the problem here? PostProcess pipeline conflict? And how WebGL2 helps us to solve it? Would love to have a better understanding of this Thanks everyone!
  2. Aliasing in VR mode

    Hey everyone, We are building an environment that contains many thin lines and grills. While in normal mode everything looks fine (with Babylon's AA enabled), however after entering the VR mode (using the VRhelper) jagged edges become very apparent to the point that it's impossible to distinct some of the details. I have made a few screenshots with test environment to demonstrate the problem. Solutions like FXAA plugged to post processing pipeline make everything blurrier and worse. I'm wondering why is it happening (stereo cameras are super low-res?) and is there a way to deal with it? It would be ok to take some performance hits and render everything internally in much higher resolution for example. What are the good practices for fighting the jagged edges in VR in general? Many thanks in advance!