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  1. casey

    addToFileList in Phaser 3

    This is the Phaser 2 forum... try the Phaser 3 forum!
  2. Did it work with a regular function (i.e. not a callback?)
  3. Can you post the rest of your code?
  4. casey

    Effect of a torch on fire ?

    Check out the particles plugin, as well. It can do this for you.
  5. I dont' know Vue.JS but it looks like you're missing a comma after your render function.
  6. casey

    Phaser not show sprite images in chrome 65 Linux

    I don't have an answer for you, osrry. I suppose one way to narrow the problem down would be to see if it works on other versions of Chrome for Linux, and see what was changed in the updates. Pain in the arse, I know, but then this stuff sometimes is. I would also try a LInux/Chrome forum.
  7. casey

    Phaser not show sprite images in chrome 65 Linux

    Did you do previous testing in Firefox? Is it possible that Firefox is loading from cache and there is an issue in your code? Does it work in Chrome without the bundler?
  8. casey

    How to load file fonts from format fnt?

    Full tutorial here:
  9. How are you doing the reset exactly?
  10. casey

    I need to implement an infinite climber game

    I don't have time to go through all that, but for a few bucks you can get the complete source code to one here:
  11. casey

    Drag and drop image
  12. casey

    loading multiple atlases

    Do you mean from within your code? You'd have to extract the filenames that are inside your JSON. Doing that would depend on how the JSON is structured. Externally, you can just open your JSON file and look at it and the filenames will match your filenames of the files that went into the atlas.
  13. Actually I just needed to do e.loadTexture("on") in the pickMe function. Thanks for your help samme
  14. That's what I'm trying to do. I'm not able to get the index of the tile. I can log out the column and the row, and get the value of the tile picked, but I'm not able to refer to the texture of the tile at the index.
  15. casey

    store data in an app created with cocoon

    This might be better answered on a Cocoon rather than Phaser forum. I haven't used Cocoon, but Phaser (and I believe Cocoon) is just essentially an in-browser game so you just store data like you would any browser data using LocalStroage.