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  1. efxlab

    Babylon.js v3.3 is out!!!!

    congrats, I can't wait to see the new IBL ! it was a feature I requested and now I see it ! thanks lol
  2. efxlab

    Bug on Safari 12 BJS 3.2

    So apple is not able to implement correctly webgl2 in safari.
  3. efxlab

    Bug on Safari 12 BJS 3.2

    Its Fixed when I disabled webgl2. I lost a lots feature without webgl2 ? why it works on chrome/mac ? is chrome use webgl2 ?
  4. efxlab

    Bug on Safari 12 BJS 3.2

    From playground project :
  5. efxlab

    Bug on Safari 12 BJS 3.2

    All the 3.3 preview demo doesn't work too.
  6. efxlab

    Deltakosh summer holiday season ;)

    bueno holidays
  7. efxlab

    Babylon Toolkit Developer Portal

    ah ok because unity use C# by Microsoft like BabylonJS is a microsoft product ?
  8. efxlab

    Babylon Toolkit Developer Portal

    great idea. Is it only relative to unity or maybe will be too for Unreal Engine ?
  9. efxlab

    Babylon.js v3.2 is out

    Thanks to the developpers, the testers and the free contributers for this great release !
  10. efxlab

    Babylon.js v3.2 is out

    hey @MackeyK24 where is the Babylon Toolkit 3.2 ?
  11. efxlab

    Udim support in BJS

    Hello everyone, is there a support for UDIM texturing with glTF loader and multiples UV texturing ? https://support.allegorithmic.com/documentation/display/SPDOC/UDIM Maybe its related to this extension from @bghgary ? I dont know if its embeded in BJS 3.1 ? https://github.com/bghgary/Babylon.js/tree/EXT_texture_transform
  12. efxlab

    Image Based Lighting / Global Illumination

    Hey, the topic is a bit old, what about the image based lighting / global illumination in BJS ? There is some nice tool for paint the light, I think it use image based lighting: https://www.lightmap.co.uk thanks
  13. great its a good indication for me to understand the BJS workflow. Where do you think I can add the shadowCaster ? would like appropriate to put after the loader with: loader.onComplete = function () { addShadowCaster(); }; It work now it was the order: called shadowCaster on the loader complete. Thanks @Deltakosh et tous les BJS users
  14. Anyone tested Maya exporter for gltf format on macOs ? https://github.com/BabylonJS/Exporters/tree/master/Maya I don't understant how install it, Need it to be compiled ? thanks