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  1. Line how in ninja friut

    Exca, thank you:)!
  2. Line how in ninja friut

    i write this example, based on your comments, but i can't understand, how to shorten line, how this link
  3. Line how in ninja friut

    app.renderer.plugins.interaction.on('touchstart', (e) => { const {data: {global: {x, y}}} = e; this.startPoint = {x, y}; }); app.renderer.plugins.interaction.on('touchend', (e) => { let i = 0; setInterval(() => { this.lines[i].clear(); i++ }, 400); this.dataMove = []; }); app.renderer.plugins.interaction.on('touchmove', (e) => { const {data: {global: {x, y}}} = e; const line = new PIXI.Graphics(); line.lineStyle(3, 'red'); this.lines.push(line); app.stage.addChild(line); this.dataMove.push({x, y}); this.anim(line); }); anim(line) { const {x, y} = this.startPoint; line.moveTo(x, y); this.dataMove.forEach((item, index) => { line.lineTo(item.x, item.y) }); } this code draw line... on event `touchend` i want clear line in interval, but it's not working, line clear all after long time...
  4. Line how in ninja friut

    app.renderer.plugins.interaction.on("mousemove", (e) => { const {x, y} =; const rectangle = u.sprite(3, 3, 'red', x, y); app.stage.addChild(rectangle); }); i write this code for check the performance, but with a quick mouse movement, the dots do not appear everywhere, or do not you need to use a rectangle? have to use bezierCurveTo ?
  5. Line how in ninja friut

    Hi, how can I implement a line moving behind the cursor like this link
  6. Hi, in my project i use pixi-charm and pixi-filters, and i get this exception TypeError: Cannot redefine property: isJson without pixi-charm, all right...
  7. Parallax scroller very much slows down on the phone

    ivan thank you for solution!!!
  8. Parallax scroller very much slows down on the phone

    const width = window.innerWidth; const height = window.innerHeight; const imgWidth = 3500; const imgHeight = 1589; const app = new PIXI.Application( { width, height, transparent: true } ); const u = new SpriteUtilities(PIXI); const bg = u.tilingSprite("./src/bg.png", imgWidth, imgHeight); imageScale({imgWidth, imgHeight}, bg); app.stage.addChild(bg); app.ticker.add(parallaxFn); document.getElementById('app').appendChild(app.view); function parallaxFn() { bg.tilePosition.x -= 5; } function imageScale({imgWidth, imgHeight}, sprite) { const widthRatio = width / imgWidth; const heightRation = height / imgHeight; sprite.scale.x = widthRatio; sprite.scale.y = heightRation; } i use And I have (see image file) after one minute, this only on mobile
  9. Parallax scroller very much slows down on the phone

    Ivan, thank you for answer. Later, I'll post the code using the new version of pixi, and a link to the app so you can see for yourself
  10. Hi, Why parallax scroller very much brakes on the phone (samsung a3 2016), in 2 - 3 minutes after the application launch?