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  1. Actually quite the opposite hehe. I don't have any interest in WebGL, or 3D for that matter. I do have experience with 3d graphics programming and general graphics algorithms and opengl, but as a solo gamedev it always feels like exponential increase in complexity for not that much gain, at least not for me since I'm not planning on making big fancy games. 2d games is my thingy. The reason I stuck with Unity is mainly because of the editor. I love how you can play the game and then pause, switch to the editor and inspects the objects live without any downside. That's probably the biggest reason why I'm using it. I tried GameMaker and really disliked GML, also tried Construct 2 and it felt even worse. Then tried Phaser, but it felt like Unity without the editor and a worse language Then tried Pixi, which felt like Node.js style development of "bring your own library for everything". I'm not really a big fan of putting together 20 half-baked libraries. Sorry for the whiny reply Any thoughts?
  2. I have some experience with desktop gamedev with Unity and MonoGame, and only now getting onto the HTML5 train. In the past 2-3 years it seemed that Unity's WebGL support wasn't that great. Which brings me to my question, is Unity any good for HTML5 game development? Or is it still sort of experimental feature? I was kinda surprised not to see a Unity section in this forum, which kinda prompted me to ask.