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  1. Hi everyone, I just bought the Phaser plugin for joysticks and I'm trying to create a game using two sticks to move a car. One controls the speed and the other controls the direction of the car. The problem is: the force of both sticks seems to be interfering with eachother, so when I press one of the sticks, the force applied to the other stick also increases. class Joystick { constructor(p_game) { this.m_game = p_game; this.m_pad1 = this.m_game.plugins.add(Phaser.VirtualJoystick); this.m_directionStick = this.m_pad1.addStick(0, 0, 200, 'joystickAtlas'); this.m_directionStick.motionLock = Phaser.VirtualJoystick.HORIZONTAL; this.m_directionStick.alignBottomLeft(20); this.m_pad2 = this.m_game.plugins.add(Phaser.VirtualJoystick); this.m_speedStick = this.m_pad2.addStick(0, 0, 200, 'joystickAtlas'); this.m_speedStick.motionLock = Phaser.VirtualJoystick.VERTICAL; this.m_speedStick.alignBottomRight(20); } update(p_delta) { console.log("direction force: ",this.m_directionStick.force) console.log("speed force: ",this.m_speedStick.force) } } At first I had both stick on the same pad "this.m_pad1" but the results were the same. The logs show that the force are changing in both sticks when one of them is beign used. Thank you in advance!