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  1. mapacarta


    Hello and welcome
  2. mapacarta

    gotoAndStop/gotoAndPlay in phaser

    Everyone with a flash experience knows about gotoAndStop/gotoAndPlay Is there anything similiar to these methods in phaser 3? I am having a bit problem with the animations. I have some 1 frame animations in my spritesheet. Idle, got hit, attack etc.. Defining an animation for each one of these seems quite weird. Is there any way to gotoAndStop a frame? In that way I can define all 1 frame animations as a single animation and gotoAndStop them when needed.
  3. mapacarta

    Rookie Bowman

    I am not thinking about releasing the source code for now. The code is too messy This is my first completed game with Phaser. At the time I start developing the game the docs were so poor and I did the most of the things with trial and error. It ended up with a messy, complicated code.
  4. mapacarta

    Rookie Bowman

    I use local storage for the save. 1 save for each slot.
  5. mapacarta

    [Phaser 3] Rookie Bowman

    Thanks. I used brackets to develop this game. It is simple and easy to use. Works fine for me.
  6. mapacarta

    [Phaser 3] Rookie Bowman

    Thanks. Yes you are right about the white rocks, they are a little confusing. I am thinking about removing them. Grasses also seem like spikes sometimes. Actually there is only 1 place where you can fall and it wasn't intended. I will fix that one too. Other than that to go up and down room, you need to use ladder. I don't know what can I do about making left/right sections' entrance(change points) more clear. If player finds the section map, then he/she can easily see which way to go. But section maps can be a little difficult to find. My right key also stucked ones, I am not sure what caused it. Looby That typo is probably in the tutorial part.
  7. mapacarta

    [Phaser 3] Rookie Bowman

    Game Link: Hi, I published my game on Kongregate yesterday. I hardly get feedbacks on there, so any feedback is appreciated. It is a platformer game with boss fights, collectible items, secret rooms etc...
  8. mapacarta

    Rookie Bowman

    Seems like tint not working on your browser. Does your browser support web GL? Maybe canvas doesn't support tinting. If there is such a thing, I should add the dark version of the font, instead of tinting.
  9. mapacarta

    Rookie Bowman

    Thanks. Do you mean scrolls or maps? Scrolls already have dark tint on them. Here is how it looks on my computer: But I forgot to add tint on the map's texts. If scrolls look different on your computer, can you please provide a screenshot.
  10. mapacarta

    Rookie Bowman

    I finally completed my first Phaser 3 game. It is a platformer game with boss fights, secret rooms, collectible items.. Game link: Feedbacks are highly appreciated. Thanks
  11. mapacarta

    Problems with loading image

    If you are using xammp, then you should test the game on Currently it seems like you are trying to test the game on local protocol(file://) About the other error you can try loading Phaser from:
  12. You can try using setSize() method. But I am a little bit confused with what exactly setSize method does. I am not sure whether it sets the sprite's width and height or its body's. Or both. I remember having a little problem with setSize sometime ago. I should read the docs I guess
  13. It seems like this is the normal behaviour of the Phaser 3. This is what written in the code comments: * The crop is a rectangle that limits the area of the texture frame that is visible during rendering. * * Cropping a Game Object does not change its size, dimensions, physics body or hit area, it just * changes what is shown when rendered. Also your game's graphics look quite nice. Good job
  14. mapacarta

    Phaser 3 Loader Problem

    I waited for something like 15 minutes. The game started after that without music. I think the problem is about loading music files. It gives errors for the music files: Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET I am not sure what is causing this.
  15. mapacarta

    Phaser 3 Loader Problem

    I tried with different browsers and none of them loaded. Also phaser 2 games on http loads fine. Let me try again. Maybe it loads after some time.