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  1. mapacarta

    how to decelerate sprite arcade physic

    As far as I know when damping set to true, setDrag takes value between 0-1. I don't know how it works when damping is false
  2. mapacarta

    how to decelerate sprite arcade physic

    You can try using drag or you can calculate it yourself in update method. Here is how you can do it with setDrag: sprite.body.useDamping=true; sprite.setDrag(0.99);///takes value between 0-1 you can also set x,y seperately setDrag(x,y)
  3. mapacarta

    Matterjs collision breaks at high speed

    It is tunneling. Physics engines have ccd(continues collision detection) to detect such collisions but matterjs doesn't have . You can try increasing position and velocity iterations but they probably won't be enough for too fast objects.;;
  4. mapacarta

    [Phaser 3] Chase of Boxes

    Thanks. I will fix it. The shaking bothers me a lot actually, I will probably reduce or remove it completely.
  5. mapacarta

    [Phaser 3] Chase of Boxes

    Thanks for letting me know, I will look into it. That level also a little confusing I think
  6. mapacarta

    [Phaser 3] Chase of Boxes

    I released a new platformer game yesterday. It is a little game, I couldn't find much time since I started working full time a month ago. Hope you like it: Any feedback is appreciated. Because I don't have much time to work on new ideas these days, I am thinking about making small platformers like this one in the future.
  7. mapacarta

    inheritance in phaser 3

    Thanks, it helped a lot.
  8. mapacarta

    inheritance in phaser 3

    I still couldn't find how to add a custom arcade sprite properly I am just using some workarounds and stuffs like that. Here is what I am currently using: var customObject = new Phaser.Class({ Extends: Phaser.Physics.Arcade.Sprite, initialize: function customObject (scene, x, y) {, scene);,0); scene.sys.updateList.add(this); this.setTexture('object'); this.setPosition(x, y); } }); Is this the right way to add inheritence or is there any better way?
  9. mapacarta

    [Phaser 3] Protect The DOJO

    I got this little game idea a few weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to make a fighting, upgrade type of game. So, I developed the game and released it 2 days ago, here is the game:
  10. mapacarta


    Hello and welcome
  11. mapacarta

    gotoAndStop/gotoAndPlay in phaser

    Everyone with a flash experience knows about gotoAndStop/gotoAndPlay Is there anything similiar to these methods in phaser 3? I am having a bit problem with the animations. I have some 1 frame animations in my spritesheet. Idle, got hit, attack etc.. Defining an animation for each one of these seems quite weird. Is there any way to gotoAndStop a frame? In that way I can define all 1 frame animations as a single animation and gotoAndStop them when needed.
  12. mapacarta

    Rookie Bowman

    I am not thinking about releasing the source code for now. The code is too messy This is my first completed game with Phaser. At the time I start developing the game the docs were so poor and I did the most of the things with trial and error. It ended up with a messy, complicated code.
  13. mapacarta

    Rookie Bowman

    I use local storage for the save. 1 save for each slot.
  14. mapacarta

    [Phaser 3] Rookie Bowman

    Thanks. I used brackets to develop this game. It is simple and easy to use. Works fine for me.
  15. mapacarta

    [Phaser 3] Rookie Bowman

    Thanks. Yes you are right about the white rocks, they are a little confusing. I am thinking about removing them. Grasses also seem like spikes sometimes. Actually there is only 1 place where you can fall and it wasn't intended. I will fix that one too. Other than that to go up and down room, you need to use ladder. I don't know what can I do about making left/right sections' entrance(change points) more clear. If player finds the section map, then he/she can easily see which way to go. But section maps can be a little difficult to find. My right key also stucked ones, I am not sure what caused it. Looby That typo is probably in the tutorial part.