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  1. Giedrius

    Touch Zoom

    @Dan335 try using:
  2. Giedrius

    Clone the PIXI Container

    I am creating a venue designer where user can create sectors of seats, customize them and duplicate to place on the other side of the venue. It would be convenient and time saving feature. So the sector is a container which holds row containers with seat objects inside. As I understand, one way would be to make a manual copy, creating an new Container and assigning properties of the original Container.
  3. Giedrius

    Clone the PIXI Container

    Oh, I see, the assignment operator doesn't create a copy of an object, it only assigns a reference to it. So I need to make a deep copy with Object.create, but it still removes the original container:
  4. Giedrius

    Clone the PIXI Container

    Hi all, I am trying to clone an PIXI Container so that it will have no relationship with the original one, except that they both should share the same prototypes - DisplayObject, EventEmitter, Object. But somehow I loose the original Container, see demo: