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    new browser games and html games site

    I know that that's why am asking if someone wants to advertise it or host am not just gonna go and try to clickjacking or any type of haking. to embed games without the approval of the game owner. but thanks if you viewed my website can you please tell me what do you think of the design i want to hear about the bad thing about the design more than the good so please be honest with me if possible and thanks for help again
  2. recently I made this new website GameHup best free browser games to play online and am looking for HTML games to embed them in my website if someone knows a good place to find a good HTML game for mobile or pc and I need a little advice about the website layout does the design good enough or need more improvement and if anyone has a good HTML game and want place to advertise it or host it can write below. and thanks for helping AwadGorg a web developer and the owner of the website GameHup