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  1. 2018 has come, WebGL (1.0) adaptation is now widely available than ever (93.1% according to More, high-performing mobile devices at low cost starts showing up. Internet is getting faster, whether it is dedicated broadband or mobile data. Mobile browsers are (arguably) getting better than ever. What's your minimum game project technical requirement for your players in 2018 and why? For me, I am aiming: 8 - 15 MB file size 720p - 1080p resolution quality 40 - 60 FPS Supports both Portrait and Landscape Works with any aspect ratio (no borders on fullscreen + responsive UI) WebGL only Works on these desktop and mobile browsers: Latest Chrome, Firefox, IE 11/Edge, and Safari Works on mobile devices at least: Samsung Galaxy S4 (Chrome)+, iPhone 5+, iPad mini 2/iPad Air, and more. Basically in terms of AnTuTu benchmark I think they are around the score of 30.000 or devices that are released around 2013 or near 2013. Cheers!
  2. Absolute positioning

    Just a reference, you may want to read 3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development by Fletcher Dunn, Chapter 3. The book should explain these coordinate spaces and the reason why.
  3. Yeah since this is an exclusive offer, I enjoy a bit of loyalty (on my end) to a publisher that I can trust with. So if there's a publisher that'd say yes to my game, I'd like to stick with that publisher, then try to contact other publishers only after that publisher gave a rejection of my offer. Let's just say "good" publisher have my priority. Why I asked this is because my last publisher stopped accepting new games, and that publisher gave me a quick response (regardless of the outcome) so I had no issue. Now that I submitted the game to a new publisher, I got this feeling that I may bump into a publisher that is extremely busy (or aren't nice enough) to give a proper reply, which I feel obligated (not required, hence this thread) to wait so I can send to the next publishers in my list. This ain't good on my end, but I guess since I'm looking for a new publisher, simultaneously find the right one wouldn't hurt. It's almost like dating . But since you guys say business is business that I agree, so now I'm more convinced this is okay to do.

    This game is simply fun. The competition makes it better.
  5. I'd vote for Cocos Creator. It's a 2D game editor, its web mobile build is really small in terms of file size (the engine code itself is roughly 1.6 mb, the rest is your game assets and game code), and you can easily port it to other such as native desktop or mobile. This may be what you need.
  6. Thanks for the input icp! My game is made within a month as a part-time work, so I guess 1500 - 3000 Euros works for me, but before that I need to know if they are interested first.
  7. 'Mad World MMO' launching this fall on Steam and others

    Good one. Looking forward for the release, hopefully things went well for you and your team.
  8. Hi, This might be business related though, as I am a newbie . I'd like to sell my game to some publishers and thinking I'd just send it simultaneously to cut time, cause who knows when they would reply. Do you think this is okay? I mean because this is an exclusive offer, if both of them reply with interest at the same time, I have to definitely decline the other one, with reason that doesn't seem to be okay by saying that there's a better offer (unless the price offer is no good whatsoever). I feel like this isn't a good conduct, but I'm not sure so I'm asking here to be sure. I'd love to know your experience on how to deal with this situation. Cheers!