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  1. Peter79

    Changing tileset for a tile

    Silly me. I forgot to set the tile.tileId to the correct value from the tileset.
  2. Peter79

    Changing tileset for a tile

    Hello, I'm trying to implement terraforming on an isometric tile map and I'm using multiple tilesets (with different offsets) to simulate elevation. Using this code when I click on a tile. tile.tileset ="Terrain")[0].tilesets.tilesets[2]; However, I get "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'offset' of undefined" on melonjs.js:24629. It seems to be drawing the tile as the new tileset is being set. Is there a way to pause the drawing of tiles when I change the tileset or is there a better way to change the tileset for a tile? I'm using the MelonJS 5.1.0 with the boilerplate code on the latest version of Chrome for Mac. Many Thanks, Peter.