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  1. You can use tint (there is doubletint implementation in pixi-heaven), or multiple sprite-variants, or custom Filter with colors replacements behaviour. https://github.com/gameofbombs/pixi-heaven
  2. I know it. This simple way how you can determine iPad betwen iOS devices. I thought that this was the main problem.
  3. IPad has aspect of 4:3 on mobile platform only, other mobile device (include laptops) has 16:9, 21:9,16:10 aspect ratio. // I tested my apps and PIXI.utils.isMobile.any = true on Android and IOS. I haven't iPad, and can't check it, but on iPhone5s it work.
  4. var aspect = window.outerWidth / window.outerHeight;
  5. You can check platform (mobile (android or iOS) and then compare browser aspect ratio (width / height) , for determining what concrete devices is currently (phone or tablet). For iPad aspect ratio must be near about 4/3