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  1. EpicKingdom_

    Is it still acceptable to use Phaser 2?

    I am thinking about just using Phaser 2 for my games since there are so many available examples online unlike Phaser 3.
  2. Assuming documentation and examples are plentiful for Phaser 2. Or should I not bother and continue to try and learn Phaser 3?
  3. EpicKingdom_

    Any reason why Kiwi is not popular here?

    It would appear that people don't use Kiwi here, just curious why.
  4. EpicKingdom_

    Do you play MMOs?

    I play World of Warcraft.
  5. Did you simply make a bunch of clones of games or did you think of something somewhat, "original". I have trouble trying think of interesting games to create. Are there any tips for "brainstorming" a game?
  6. EpicKingdom_

    Best way to learn Phaser 3?

    I am new to Phaser and I am having a little trouble getting started. Is there any well written documentation for Phaser 3 yet? I know Phaser 3 was recently released, I have no experience with Phaser 2.
  7. EpicKingdom_

    How to publish HTML5 games on facebook?

    Also interested in this or if anyone has experience releasing games on Facebook.
  8. EpicKingdom_

    New to HTML5, help with my next step? :)

    Learn the HTML5 canvas element with JavaScript. Then pick a game engine. Side note, use CSS for styling web pages. Hope this helps. https://html5gameengine.com/
  9. EpicKingdom_

    Where to get game assets?

    https://itch.io/game-assets/free https://opengameart.org/
  10. EpicKingdom_

    Hybrid apps vs. C# and Unity.

    Cool game, how did you go about including ads? Adsense? I was curious how that works for mobile as well.
  11. EpicKingdom_

    I lack the ability to create game art.

    Thank you for the links, I also managed to find this around the forums here. https://make8bitart.com/
  12. EpicKingdom_


    Love it, so much fun.
  13. EpicKingdom_

    Flappy Tours (my first game)

    Looks great, plays great. This game still makes me rage quit haha.
  14. EpicKingdom_

    Laser Defence

    I like it a lot, I don't really have any complaints. The only issue I had was my finger getting tired from all the mouse clicking haha.
  15. I have all sorts of game ideas, but I quickly run into a brick wall since I'm not really an artist. Are there any guides out there for creating simple "programmer art" for games? Even better, are there any website for free game art?