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  1. Hello all, I want to get the UV map from the object to a 2D canvas... but, I 'am a little lost, can't find the way to get the correct UV from the object... I'am on the right way, or i'am totally wrong ? Thanks for the help (Sorry for my poor English)
  2. arbrakan

    [SOLVED] Get Pixel color

    *him Thanks for all the reply, and your brain time on this ! You are a awesome community !! There is a way to set color data from gl.readPixels to the color picker ? Thanks for your time all, Cheers (Sorry for my poor english)
  3. arbrakan

    [SOLVED] Get Pixel color

    Thanks for the answear Wingnut, gona check this.
  4. Hello, There is a way to get the pixel color from the position of the mouse over the canvas ? Thanks Sorry for my poor english