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  1. I'm being a newby, too lazy to study actionManager now, so looking for easy cheats: fog? Added fog stuff at lines 61 .. 66
  2. billboardMode? Added plane.billboardMode = BABYLON.Mesh.BILLBOARDMODE_ALL; line 98
  3. coolroar

    3D Game Showcase?

    Hi EpicKingdom_ - I recently launched Zoom at It is written on BabylonJS. A relevant thread in this forum: Hope you like it!
  4. coolroar

    Car Light Physics Engine

    Fun ride! 😁😃⚡ ________________/
  5. coolroar

    ZOOM: the joyride in space

    Woo Hoo! I feel like a rock star! ⚡ Thanks! 😎🎻
  6. coolroar

    ZOOM: the joyride in space

    Sure link to game: title: Zoom 800x500 screenshot: Thanks, you must be mighty busy!
  7. coolroar

    ZOOM: the joyride in space

    Thanks jerome, Wingnut & Deltakosh for the ++. ??? You should do a PR here to add your game ??? I don't know what to do at I'm very newbie at github, although I do have an account there.
  8. This morning I finally got Zoom online at . Simple, approachable for beginners, while still challenging experts. Steer with mouse, up arrow to accelerate, down arrow to slow down. It is mostly finished, but score-keeping is turned off for now. How far can you go? Fly as fast as you can! Win by flying far. Any direction. Your distance is your score. What do you think? Joe
  9. coolroar

    Celestial Sphere Compass

    I like Inteja's Celestial Sphere. It would help one's sense of orientation in a "flying through space" game for example. Here is my Celestial Sphere Compass: . I'll use it in an up-coming game to help keep my bearings. All are welcome to use and improve it .
  10. coolroar

    FreeCamera direction vector

    Oh -- Handy! Just to be clear: var unitVec= camera.getFrontPosition(1).subtract(camera.position); console.log(unitVec); console.log("Magnitude: " + Math.sqrt(unitVec.x*unitVec.x + unitVec.y*unitVec.y + unitVec.z*unitVec.z)); var bigVec= camera.getFrontPosition(1); console.log(bigVec); console.log("Magnitude: " + Math.sqrt(bigVec.x*bigVec.x + bigVec.y*bigVec.y + bigVec.z*bigVec.z));
  11. coolroar

    FreeCamera direction vector

    How about: camera.getFrontPosition(1).subtract(camera.position); ?