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  1. panning feature

    Awesome this is perfect. Thanks a lot.
  2. panning feature

    Hi @aWeirdo, yes thats what I meant. I noticed I need to flip your example to make it possible to change alpha in order to rotate the map around the center point. Thats why I changed the panning axis from your examples. I would like the top-down view and be able to change beta from 0 to Pi/2(maybe not that much but in this direction). Sorry for not making that point clear. I would like to be as close as possible to this map view. ( where I have panning on the left button and on the right button rotation around a center point. This one looks actually quite good except for the panning problem. Hopefully @Deltakosh can say something about the panning behavior.
  3. panning feature

    Hi @aWeirdo, I tried your example and modified it a little bit( I changed the Axis to use the rotation feature for Alpha on the right mouse button. Now it works very well. Thank you very much for that. Unfortunately I noticed when I try to rotate the map around the center point at about 90 degrees(right mouse button) and use panning after this, x and y axis are interchanged for panning. Could it be because there is some kind of transformation missing? Thanks again
  4. panning feature

    Hi aWeirdo, thanks for your answer. If I take your example and try to flip the map like here I have the problem that the map moves up/down and not back and forward on panning. Like Somehow it looks as if I need to update the panningAxis Vector in depending of the change of beta?! But I think that wont be so easy...
  5. panning feature

    Hi Guys, I recently started to work with Babylon and I was wondering if the behavior for the arcRotate Camera is expected or not or I'm just doing something wrong :). Maybe you can help me out with that. I would like to pan in the scene like this example here( Unfortunately if I try to do the same in Babylon the panning for X and Y axis is different(Given that alpha and beta are zero). Panning along the Z-axis(left and right) is easy while panning along the X-axis(up and down) is almost impossible. See I hope this explanation was not too bad. So my question is if it is wanted like this how can I change it to have a similar experience to the panning behavior in the Mapbox example. Thanks in advance. Basti