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  1. @Deltakosh, different tags possible for instances is even much more better. About inversion - yes, some kind of it happens. If I create, for example, 20 instances - then "Cube.020" will become a mesh. I even tried to delete it - then "Cube.019" becomes a mesh Can you help with disappearing tags and roles inversion too? Blender shows the same tags automatically for the mesh and all the instances, it may be one of issue reasons too.
  2. @Deltakosh, great What about tags? As I understood you agreed, that every instance should have the same tags automatically. Simple use case: in Blender you create a house "myHouse", assign a tag "empty" to it, then create some instances to place them somewhere else. They will get names "myHouse.001", "myHouse.002". But, later if you try to read tag in BJS from your initial house "myHouse" - you will notice that it has disappeared, moreover - it is no longer a parent mesh, but an instance. Now parent mesh is "myHouse.002" somehow and it really contains your tag. Somehow they swap places. My guess is that the latest created instance becomes a parent mesh. The same PG shows the idea: - console shows that "Cube" has no tags and is not a mesh, however it was created first and tag was assigned to it.
  3. @Deltakosh, here we are - - the only thing I did is removed red material now both objects have collisions
  4. If you want I can create one more example with the same objects, but 1 common material only. You will see the difference
  5. With AWSD keys try to go through both objects.
  6. @Deltakosh, I know this is strange, but really - if I join in Blender meshes with the same 1 material and then create an instance - everything is Ok and all collisions exist; but if I join meshes which have different materials and then create an instances - collisions disappear. PG - Both objects have exactly the same materials. Left object has become "transparent" and right one still has collisions. I didn't change anything else except materials before creating an instance. @JCPalmer, I do not use additional physics plugins, only built-in "Check Collisions" in Blender.
  7. No worries I understand, that you are not the only one who worked on these features. You are just the only one who responded yet, thanks for that, I don't know whom to ask. I think that's the case. Historically "Cube" was created first, then with Alt+D an instance "Cube.001" was created. In .babylon file it is vice-versa. So the questions we have: 1. How to get tags from every instance? Demo shows they are missing. 2. Can we create instances for objects with multiple materials? Demo shows we can, but without collisions. 3. How to enable collisions for instances with multiple materials inside? Let's wait for more experts
  8. @JCPalmer thanks for the answer. Can you please check my playground demo? Nothing to edit, just open and check the console - it shows, that mesh "Cube" has no tags, but an instance "Cube.001" does have. I attach a .blend file here - you can see, that both meshes should have the same tag, what doesn't happen in a playground. In an application - If I know, that mesh "Cube" must have a tag - I can't access it, sorry. A bug? Oh, and I have found what causes disabled collisions for all instances except one - when my Blender object is made from different joined meshes with different materials. Example - - one mesh has no more collisions, but the second does have. As you can see, cubes now contain 2 materials. Is that true that we can create instances for meshes with one material only or this is a bug? It looks strange, for example, if you have 1 complex object -> you create 9 instances and suddenly a "parent" becomes one of instances, with collisions enabled, while all other 9 stays without. Do you want me to test anything else to help to solve these issues? instance.blend
  9. I've tried to repeat the same thing on playground with a very basic scene - Ok, both boxes have collisions so probably a problem on my side somewhere. But still something strange with tags: - initially I've applied tag to the mesh "Cube", not "Cube.001", which is an instance; - console shows that tag exists only for "Cube.001". That means, that random mesh/instance gets my tags - how do I use it later?! Could you please make, that we can set tags for instances independently? So any instance can have it's own tags. EDIT ABOUT COLLISIONS: Collisions disappear when a parent mesh is joined from multiple meshes with different materials.
  10. Hi all! I use Blender for modelling. I've found out that mesh's instances can greatly improve performance, however I've got 2 issues after importing scene in Babylon.js: 1. There are no collisions with any instances except "parent" mesh. In Blender collision checkbox is set and affects all instances (no chance to set it separately, but that's OK in this case). How to enable collisions? 2. There are no tags for individual instance. I can set them for "parent" mesh, in Blender tags are visible for all instances, however they are not accessible from Babylon.js. How to set different tags for individual instance? Thank you!