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  1. gerard1290

    API Documentation

    Hi Wingnut, Sorry for the late reply. Glad to hear your take on this. I completely agree that the playground is a valuable source to learn and try out bits of code, but I think documenting the api's would still be beneficial for reference (parameter descriptions, option descriptions, optimal use cases). Also searching through the forum is time consuming work to find the example that applies to your use case. As far as examples, I think a playground link on the api page is the way to go as it would be easy to find and give users the ability to expand on the code. This code should be line by line commented to explain exactly what is going on which is something I rarely find in the examples.
  2. gerard1290

    API Documentation

    Thank you for the replies, Adam, thanks for putting together a list for me, much appreciated! I completely understand where the Babylon.js developers are coming from(Improved documentation is of my objectives at work as well), but I think proper documentation should not be sidelined as it will likely increase adoption and help grow the community. I am down to help as I learn.
  3. gerard1290

    API Documentation

    Hello Forum Members, I am starting development using BabylonJS Engine and just wanted to see where is the best place to get understanding the use of the engines api's? I find the documentation section of the official site quite lacking(see image). I have been googling for 4 hours and can't find reasonable examples of how I should be using the api's . I have started watching the 8 hour video series, but wanted to see if there is a good source for referring back to during development. Let me know if I am missing something here? Thanks,