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  1. API Documentation

    Thank you for the replies, Adam, thanks for putting together a list for me, much appreciated! I completely understand where the Babylon.js developers are coming from(Improved documentation is of my objectives at work as well), but I think proper documentation should not be sidelined as it will likely increase adoption and help grow the community. I am down to help as I learn.
  2. API Documentation

    Hello Forum Members, I am starting development using BabylonJS Engine and just wanted to see where is the best place to get understanding the use of the engines api's? I find the documentation section of the official site quite lacking(see image). I have been googling for 4 hours and can't find reasonable examples of how I should be using the api's . I have started watching the 8 hour video series, but wanted to see if there is a good source for referring back to during development. Let me know if I am missing something here? Thanks,