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  1. danrhan

    Slow performance with tilemap.

    Thank for your fast response. My project is no more slow ! i find a solution. i will detail in a future post. I added texts things, animated tiled, creature... =) to do mouse control to nav in map ... Look the screenshot.
  2. danrhan

    Slow performance with tilemap.

    Hello, I made a script to draw map from dungeon keeper game. I use the tileset extract from the game to draw it. Just for fun =) To draw the full map i need a huge stage of 8160x8160. (85*3*32px) So i draw only a part of map. But CPU up to 100% when i move mouse or keyboard... I use chrome and the last release of pixijs 4.7 I don't unsterdand. Can you help me to optimize my script ? Sorry, i don't speak english very well... Project.zip