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  1. Hi again, I guess I wasn't as explicit as I could have been about this in my original posting, but I'm currently only looking for individuals seeking employment, not companies (or employees of existing companies that are looking to find a short-term "side gig") looking to land projects. Again, apologies if that wasn't 100% clear, but my search parameters are for individuals only. Thanks! Joe
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to help a developer I know find a talented individual (NOT a company, or current employee of any company) who can work remotely on HTML5 projects and has DEEP familiarity coding in Typescript. Familiarity with pixi.js and experience porting Flash games to H5 are also nice to have, but not necessarily required - the ability to learn quickly is more valuable than institutional knowledge for this team, but knowledge of Typescript (or other "formal" training with object-oriented coding) is absolutely essential for this role. I can't share the identity of the team, but it's been around for over 10 years now and boasts a solid portfolio of popular Casual games for the PC Download, mobile, and online/web markets. Please feel free to contact me with your resume/CV, sample games, or anything else that would make you a good candidate to consider for this position. Competitive compensation negotiable based on experience! Thanks! Joe Cain Mr. Shoes, Inc. (sorry, no website yet, but I promise this is legit and I won't waste your time!)