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  1. Zaxx

    Using scale and alpha in one tween

    You can use only one tween - just use width/height in tween instead scale tweening game.add.tween(this.child).to( { width: this.child.width*2, height: this.child.height*2, alpha: 0 }, 1000, Phaser.Easing.Linear.None, true, 0, 0, false);
  2. Zaxx

    increase sprite hit area without increasing its body

    Hi, lewster32 says good tip. But you should remember about sprite anchor So, I use such a universal snippet. Positive HIT_AREA_PADDING increase hit area, negative - shrink it var HIT_AREA_PADDING = 16; sprite.hitArea = new Phaser.Rectangle( sprite.left-HIT_AREA_PADDING,, sprite.width + HIT_AREA_PADDING * 2, sprite.height + HIT_AREA_PADDING * 2 );
  3. I see same bug in Firefox 55 Кстати, тоже с кириллицей! ) Anybody knows what is problem? Phaser 2.10.1 I try to work around with splitting into standalone lines
  4. Zaxx

    Pause movement a sprite group

    You also can use group.exists = true; // for pause group.exists = false; // for resume all children will be visible all time. Tested on particles too