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  1. @Deltakosh I've submitted the following PR:
  2. @brianzinn Thanks for the solution, got it working after figuring out that I have to set `alwaysSelectedAsActiveMesh` not only on the parent mesh but also on all child meshes. @Deltakosh Thanks for clarification, might be worth to be added to the docs:
  3. I'm currently facing a strange behavior of the CreateScreenshotUsingRenderTarget and not sure if that is on purpose or a bug. I want to create an image (rendering screenshot) that contains all meshes of the scene, however I have two cameras, one for rendering the viewport (only part of the overall scene) and one for the screenshot rendering (covers the whole scene). The PNG file rendered has the correct size but does only contain meshes that are visible (or partially visible) for the active viewport camera, all other meshes are missing. Is there a way to workaround or fix this behavior?
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    Default renderingGroupId

    Are there any news on that topic? I'm facing the same issue using a ground plane and outlines for scene elements that disappear at the bottom by placing them directly on the plane. There is a workaround by manually setting the renderingGroupId for each newly added item. However having the default referring to "1" will allow to explicitly setting elements as background elements, e.g. the ground plane in my case. Also an enum with like "RENDERGROUP_BACKGROUND", "RENDERGROUP_DEFAULT", ("RENDERGROUP_FOREGROUND" and "RENDERGROUP_TOPMOST") might help for better readability of the code.