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  1. foxyfox

    Particle system vs manually moving sprites

    Thanks, Samme!
  2. Does Phaser particle system has much better performance than if I manually move some sprites? For example, I want to create a burst of 30-50 marbles. I can just create a marble class with x & y movement in Update. Should I use particle system instead? Is there a big performance boost from using particle system?
  3. foxyfox

    How to find the TOTAL memory used by my game?

    Thanks for the answer, Samme!
  4. I'm trying to find the TOTAL memory used by my game (everything from code to textures). Currently I'm using Chrome Task Manager > Javascript memory as my guide. For example if it says (25,000K live), I am assuming that my game is using around 25Mb memory. Is my assumption correct? Does this number represent everything in my game (including textures, audio, etc)? Thanks!
  5. I made a Phaser game with Box2D physics in 600x400 resolution. Now I want to create a version of the same game with twice the resolution (1200x800). Since the world is now bigger, the physics objects don't behave the same (slower movements, etc). How can I keep the game physics to behave like the original game? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thank you! That helps me too.