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  1. bellboy

    Any other functional programmers out there?

    Game development? Is it possible to use phaser or at least pixi with Elm?
  2. How to quickly rip sprites from pictures? (let's say I have 10 screenshots from Mario Brothers game and would like to extract Mario from each picture then save it as png with transparent background). GIMP has 'foreground select' option but it's far from being perfect, there is also clippingmagic but not free.
  3. bellboy

    Alternative editor?

    No, there is nothing wrong with the native editor, it's fantastic. It's just I got used to Sublime, it has plugins for every language and framework I use (I don't mind setting the project manually).
  4. bellboy

    Documentation for Panda 1

    thanks I thought v1 was in different repo
  5. bellboy

    Alternative editor?

    Is there a panda (1 or 2) plugin for Sublime 3 or any other editor for linux? I tried native editor (demo) but I simply dont like it.
  6. bellboy

    Documentation for Panda 1

    Hi @all any chance to get link to v1 engine?