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  1. NRA

    How to link Bone in Skeleton

    Hi @Dad72 I see your point, and will try to use this way. Thanks
  2. NRA

    How to link Bone in Skeleton

    @Deltakosh In fact my final goal is to have some objects chained to move together and rotating in accordance with the parent object. Like the action we have in bones of an arm. I suppose than bones is the easiest way to do it!
  3. NRA

    How to link Bone in Skeleton

    Hi @deltakosh I want to link the sphere in ground for when the ground move the sphere move with it! If I create the weights and indices in the ground it works? How I do that? Thanks
  4. Hello, In the following PG I suppose than the sphere will move with the ground because it is a skeleton chaining its, but you can see than the ground go up and the sphere do not follow it. somebody knows why? I do the Skeleton and Bone creation and attaching well? Thanks
  5. NRA

    Playground Limit?

    @Deltakosh I discover than it is may fault! But thanks for the characters limit info!
  6. Hi, The Playground tool has some limit? In number of lines? Because I see some instability, since yesterday, in a code which has 680 lines. Thanks
  7. Hi, I am trying to develop one tool to draw walls in a grid, and I use button.onPointerDownObservable.add and scene.onPointerObservable.add commands together but I think they are conflicting, because after the second is used the first stop to work! The playground is To use the code you click on grid and form some quad space with the last click on top of the first one. If you DO NOT click up the grid to change the camera position, you can go back to top view by clicking the button, BUT after clicking the grid to form the quad space the button DO NOT work anymore! Somebody can help? Thanks
  8. NRA

    WebGL to Scorm

    @Hersir and @Sebavan now both of you excuse my long time answer! I found this which let me put an Babylon web app inside an LMS, Moodle type! And now I am studying the xAPI format which is some kind of evolution to SCORM for retrieving users results from the Babylon web app. Thanks anyway!
  9. Thanks again @Sebavan It is working again!!! 👍
  10. Thanks @Sebavan 😄
  11. @Sebavan I insert an Box to the scene. You can see the Box rotating with the curve update resulted of mouse move, but the Camera is not rotating too, why? Last week the camera is rotating!
  12. Ops! @Sebavan I think I need to save the playground before put here, that is
  13. @Sebavan Excuse again! But just now I find the error in my code! Please look at this playground again My problem is that two weeks ago the camera is turning left/right when I move my mouse horizontally and now it do not! Do you know why?