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  1. Hey @Gijs Thank you so much! It works great! It is complex to newbies work with quaternions operations, but with your help I can see it better! Thanks again!
  2. Hi, Somebody knows a way to smooth the lookAt() action when you change the subject, the mesh is looking at? Thanks
  3. Animation currentFrame

    Hi @Deltakosh thanks the help I discovered what is happening I will try to fix!
  4. Animation currentFrame

    Hello David, Thanks the help! Please look at my code in Playground I am trying to do "Box1" follow a path between the box's centers! if there are 2 ways it choose the one the "Box1" is pointing. Actually it works if you go from "Box2" to any other, but when you came back, using ";" key, it fail! Do you know why? Thanks in advance! P.S.: the orbit cam is for help viewing
  5. Hi, Excuse if this question is silly but I am noob in BJS! How can I evaluate when an animation has reached last frame (100) or first frame (0) if it is played backwards? Thanks