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  1. NRA

    WebGL to Scorm

    @Hersir and @Sebavan now both of you excuse my long time answer! I found this which let me put an Babylon web app inside an LMS, Moodle type! And now I am studying the xAPI format which is some kind of evolution to SCORM for retrieving users results from the Babylon web app. Thanks anyway!
  2. Thanks again @Sebavan It is working again!!! 👍
  3. Thanks @Sebavan 😄
  4. @Sebavan I insert an Box to the scene. You can see the Box rotating with the curve update resulted of mouse move, but the Camera is not rotating too, why? Last week the camera is rotating!
  5. Ops! @Sebavan I think I need to save the playground before put here, that is
  6. @Sebavan Excuse again! But just now I find the error in my code! Please look at this playground again My problem is that two weeks ago the camera is turning left/right when I move my mouse horizontally and now it do not! Do you know why?
  7. Hi @Deltakosh Excuse me, but the error is in other part of the code! I use it in this playground and works! Thanks
  8. Hi @Deltakosh My code is a little mess! But I will put some of it in playground to clarify. Thanks
  9. Hi, I used path3d.update(points, otherVector) command in a code and it works, until last week when it stop accepting update the curve with the "otherVector"! There are some change in the way to use it? Thanks
  10. NRA

    WebGL to Scorm

    Hi, @Hersir Excuse but I am asking this before test it, in fact, a client ask me if I can generate an Scorm element with an WebGL scene I mounted with Babylon JS and I do not know how to answer! So you said than is easy to create this Scorm element? Could you point me an way? Thanks
  11. NRA

    WebGL to Scorm

    Hi, Somebody know a way to insert a WebGL content in a Scorm/LMS educational system? I discover that Unity has a plugin for this! Thanks
  12. Hi, Since yesterday night I can't acess any of my codes in Playground neither the Babylons samples! Somebody knows why?
  13. NRA

    Randonly applyed Decals

    Great @NasimiAsl nice to meet you too!👏 Thanks the help!!!
  14. Hi, I change the "Playground Example of Decals" trying to enable an automated randonly process, but it do not works! Someone could see what is wrong with it. Thanks
  15. NRA

    using onmousewheel

    Hi @Arte I use the second approach and it works perfect!!! Thank you!!!