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  1. Hi, Since yesterday night I can't acess any of my codes in Playground neither the Babylons samples! Somebody knows why?
  2. NRA

    Randonly applyed Decals

    Great @NasimiAsl nice to meet you too!👏 Thanks the help!!!
  3. Hi, I change the "Playground Example of Decals" trying to enable an automated randonly process, but it do not works! Someone could see what is wrong with it. Thanks
  4. NRA

    using onmousewheel

    Hi @Arte I use the second approach and it works perfect!!! Thank you!!!
  5. Hi, I have this code to evaluate onmousewheel in the screen! How can i use it in Babylon? In fact I want to use the "rolled" var value in a babylon script! <head> <script type="text/javascript"> function MouseScroll (event) { var rolled = 0; if ('wheelDelta' in event) { rolled = event.wheelDelta; } else { // Firefox // The measurement units of the detail and wheelDelta properties are different. rolled = -40 * event.detail; } var info = document.getElementById ("info"); info.innerHTML = rolled; } function Init () { // for mouse scrolling in Firefox var elem = document.getElementById ("myDiv"); if (elem.addEventListener) { // all browsers except IE before version 9 // Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari elem.addEventListener ("mousewheel", MouseScroll, false); // Firefox elem.addEventListener ("DOMMouseScroll", MouseScroll, false); } else { if (elem.attachEvent) { // IE before version 9 elem.attachEvent ("onmousewheel", MouseScroll); } } } </script> </head> <body onload="Init ();"> Use the mouse wheel on the field below. <div id="myDiv" style="width:200px; height:200px; overflow:auto;"> <div style="height:2000px; background-color:#a08080;"></div> </div> <br /> The last roll amount: <span id="info" style="background-color:#e0e0d0;"></span> </body>
  6. NRA

    submesh change

    Hello @Deltakosh ! Thanks the help I learned how to acess and change both ones! When I has nother questions I ask again. 👍
  7. NRA

    submesh change

    Hi, How can I change a submesh part of an .glb or .babylon file? And how to change the texture of an .glb or .babylon loaded file? Thanks
  8. Hi Rolento, My name is Nelson, I'm newbie in Babylon but had more than 25 years of experience in multimedia an video productions, many of than with modeled and animate 3D mechanical parts by myself, like you can see in my youtube channel . So if you are still interested I can evaluate your demand. Thanks
  9. Hey @Gijs Thank you so much! It works great! It is complex to newbies work with quaternions operations, but with your help I can see it better! Thanks again!
  10. Hi, Somebody knows a way to smooth the lookAt() action when you change the subject, the mesh is looking at? Thanks
  11. NRA

    Animation currentFrame

    Hi @Deltakosh thanks the help I discovered what is happening I will try to fix!
  12. NRA

    Animation currentFrame

    Hello David, Thanks the help! Please look at my code in Playground I am trying to do "Box1" follow a path between the box's centers! if there are 2 ways it choose the one the "Box1" is pointing. Actually it works if you go from "Box2" to any other, but when you came back, using ";" key, it fail! Do you know why? Thanks in advance! P.S.: the orbit cam is for help viewing
  13. Hi, Excuse if this question is silly but I am noob in BJS! How can I evaluate when an animation has reached last frame (100) or first frame (0) if it is played backwards? Thanks