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  1. Hello JCPalmer Thank for the quick replay i found the menu ! For the mesh.py i had a look into but im not good with phyton could you clarify which lines in the code you are talking about? Do you know any other way to get a Model from blender to the .babylon File format without the extra stuff? (i only need mesh material-names and 2 Uv slots) Thanks in advance
  2. Hi there, i am currently trying to export just a model from blender using the babylonJS exporter provided on git. The installation worked. In the documentation there is an export property window shown where i can check what i want to export. But i cant't find this window? If i export as babylon there is just written no properties. I tried with Blender 2.79 2.76 2.73 (64/32 bit) and Exporter Version 5.6 and 5.5 The reason for this is that i want to export without the automatic texture bake... Can anyone please help me out? Best Regards