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  1. Ok, I am setting up this project on a different server for a test. once I have it running, I will get back to the forum. Thanks.
  2. @aWeirdo , have tried that too. it still refreshes the page with nothing being caught. The web inspector just closes down when the page refreshes itself. hence, leaving me no way to figure out what is going on. A preserve log does not work either. Also, are you able to see the site? Or you see what Deltakosh sees? @Deltakosh , were you able to view the site?
  3. I tried it in private as well as the incognito mode. I still see my app. Also, this is being used by people right now. So i am sure it's no cookie. I hope that's what you meant with private. Attached an image with the app in the incognito mode.
  4. This is really weird. This is a server on which it was 6 months ago. I also tried viewing the site with a proxy from US, I am able to see the site. Could you please try flushing your DNS and trying once OR try on a different network. Thanks.
  5. No, It does take me to the right place. Try this one.
  6. Yes, I can. It works completely fine on the desktop. No errors that would cause a browser to restart I think. Here is a link to it. configurator
  7. Hi Guys, The scene that I have built, makes the page refresh every now and then on any iPad safari or chrome. On an iPad Air 2, it keeps refreshing itself every now and then. On an iPad pro, it loads, but the moment I use the camera view to look around it dies and refreshes. I am starting to think that this is something to d with the speed/memory on the iPad and the amount it can handle when the camera turns and the processing begins. I have tried debugging it on the iPad by connecting it to a Mac on safari. But as soon as the refresh happens, the dev tools disappear and also, I see no errors there before it refreshes. If I am right, how do I work towards making it lighter for iPads and if I am wrong, what should be my approach?
  8. Thanks, guys. This was really helpful.
  9. Ok. that's good to know. If I build a configurable house, there is no way to define a DDS file since the house is built runtime by the user and the user is allowed to go into the different rooms etc. with his camera. Hence, every room is going to have a different environment. Can we create DDS files on the fly based on the surroundings?
  10. @Wingnut , when do you actually use PBR materials? When I look at the PBR demos, they look just stunning. Can i use PBR materials for this implementation? I have had a look at the materials and I see that the hdr texture is assigned to the meshes/materials. This HDR material is made up of a file called environment.dss when I look at that, it looks like the complete surrounding. What happens when I build a house using PBR material but do not have a .dds file?
  11. Hahaha..I'm sure we will get restraining orders as a new functionality even on forums then...:P
  12. @Wingnut , your solution is the classic 'if you can't make it, fake it'. I really appreciate the way you approached the problem and building the demos for me. I tried something like that by adding some more directional lights, but I didn't think about the intensity of the light(need to get a bit more wiser :P). Thanks a ton to lead me in the right direction. @Deltakosh , thanks for making it clear. Since I am a newbie, can you please tell me what SSAO means and how it could work in that approach? (just for me to understand) Thanks again for your time guys.
  13. I am trying to build a closed attic with multiple roof windows. I will have the windows configurable in the attic. And a directional light (the sun) pointing to it. I would like to know if I add more windows, will the room be brighter? Can we see the difference of light brightening the room based on the number of windows? Not only the shadow falling on the floor, but I am looking for the complete room brightness based on the number of windows. Can this effect be seen with the standard material in babylon? Thanks. [EDIT] Here is a demo of what I have tried. The shadow area remains the same with no difference based on the number of holes. So, does that mean babylonjs cannot render the above situation like what I have described in the standard material? If not, is it possible with PBR material? Thanks.
  14. Hi Wingut, thanks for getting back. I see what you have done there. The shadows do pan out well. The material you used to build the cabin and the floor are Standard material. Can I use PBR material to build a cabin? The reason I am looking for it is, every material when in contact with sunlight turns out to look bright and also reflect light to a certain extent. On PBR material, the directional light looks realistic. What i see is that the PBR materials have the reflection and refraction set to hdrTexture glass.reflectionTexture = hdrTexture; glass.refractionTexture = hdrTexture; This helps them to reflect in a realistic way. They are made using a .dds file. Now when a closed room is made, there won't be a .dds file different for every room. Will the wood in PBR material still reflect and refract? What can be massed as the hdr texture to it? Is my approach to this right? Or am I missing something?
  15. Hi Guys, I am new to Babylon. Just started with it and was wondering if something like this possible and if yes, how do I go about it? This is what I can build using the Standard material. My client is looking for something more realistic in the following. 1. Sunlight in the attic 2. Reflections after the sunlight in the attic I am looking around if this is possible. I have seen the PBR material in Babylon. I see that the HDR texture is given to every material in the demo (which is actually the surrounding/skybox). That reflection is seen on all the materials and hence, looks realistic. I am referring to this demo I am wondering if I can use PBR material for walls, the floor in the room and add a directional light through the window. Is what I am thinking about possible? Please correct me if I am wrong. I am looking to build something like this. Will PBR material help to reach somewhere here or even close to it? Thanks.