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  1. mfprogrammer

    Firefox loads the house too slow

    This is how I have done it. this.engine = new Babel.Engine(this.domcanvas, true, {disableWebGL2Support: true}); I also printed the WebGL version and we are using 1.0 _webGLVersion:"1.0" _gl: WebGLRenderingContext { canvas: canvas#renderView.cursorDefault , drawingBufferWidth: 1361, drawingBufferHeight: 328 } _glRenderer: "Mesa DRI Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 (Skylake GT2) " _glVendor: "Intel Open Source Technology Center" _glVersion: "WebGL 1.0" But no difference in load times.
  2. mfprogrammer

    Firefox loads the house too slow

    If I look at that, the timings are almost similar to that on the network profiler. I have attached the images of the profiler tab. You will see that the time needed to load the HTTP requests are the same. The difference I see is the time it takes to build those meshes on the babylon scene. I know that webGL is a bit slower in firefox. But there is a huge difference here. That is what I am trying to understand and make faster if possible.
  3. The time needed for any house to load in firefox is 3 minutes approx and on chrome its 40s and edge 60s. How to check why is there such a huge difference and how to make it faster? Thanks. Here is an example:
  4. @Deltakosh: The scaling worked like a charm and I now have 2 versions running for a tab and a desktop. Thanks a ton for your help. I also tried optimizing. I used it with the callback method. I see it optimizing but I do not see any difference in the scene. What is the difference between scaling and optimizer? Cause the "rum optimizer" in the debug and the scaling give same results in the UI. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for your input. I cannot reduce texture size since I need the clarity on the desktops. I will also see how to reuse the materials as much as I can. A downgrade in textures would mean an overall downgrade in the quality on all screens. Can we use this on the iPad and smaller devices? Also, I tried to use it, I see that the Optimizer is being called, but it does not optimize anything really. Whereas, when I switch on the debug and hit the 'Run optimizer' button, it works really great and downgrades the quality. Thanks
  6. Yes, it works on an iphone too and better than on the ipad. thats the weirdest part
  7. Hi @Deltakosh It took some time, but I have set up the system on a new server. Here is the link. This should lead you to a page like in the image attached. If it does not, it could be that your firewall is blocking the port 8080 that I am using. That serves the meshes etc to the system. On an ipad Air 2, it keeps repeatedly refreshing On an iPad Pro, it refreshes when you try to move around in the scene. You can touch and slide/scroll, it will allow you to scroll on any built screen. I hope you are able to see this. Fingers crossed 😊
  8. Ok, I am setting up this project on a different server for a test. once I have it running, I will get back to the forum. Thanks.
  9. @aWeirdo , have tried that too. it still refreshes the page with nothing being caught. The web inspector just closes down when the page refreshes itself. hence, leaving me no way to figure out what is going on. A preserve log does not work either. Also, are you able to see the site? Or you see what Deltakosh sees? @Deltakosh , were you able to view the site?
  10. I tried it in private as well as the incognito mode. I still see my app. Also, this is being used by people right now. So i am sure it's no cookie. I hope that's what you meant with private. Attached an image with the app in the incognito mode.
  11. This is really weird. This is a server on which it was 6 months ago. I also tried viewing the site with a proxy from US, I am able to see the site. Could you please try flushing your DNS and trying once OR try on a different network. Thanks.
  12. No, It does take me to the right place. Try this one.
  13. Yes, I can. It works completely fine on the desktop. No errors that would cause a browser to restart I think. Here is a link to it. configurator
  14. Hi Guys, The scene that I have built, makes the page refresh every now and then on any iPad safari or chrome. On an iPad Air 2, it keeps refreshing itself every now and then. On an iPad pro, it loads, but the moment I use the camera view to look around it dies and refreshes. I am starting to think that this is something to d with the speed/memory on the iPad and the amount it can handle when the camera turns and the processing begins. I have tried debugging it on the iPad by connecting it to a Mac on safari. But as soon as the refresh happens, the dev tools disappear and also, I see no errors there before it refreshes. If I am right, how do I work towards making it lighter for iPads and if I am wrong, what should be my approach?
  15. Thanks, guys. This was really helpful.