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  1. aylictal

    Fixed Scale?

    bump, still unable to see or find anything like this in phaser 3.
  2. aylictal

    Frame rate independent movement

    This is how i actually conducted my tests. Two users simultaneously pressing left arrow on two completely different machines for the same amount of time, should have their characters arrive at the exact same map coordinates regardless if 1 is getting 30fps and the other is getting 60. If they dont, you messed up. It also is the way in how you can compensate for lag if you're trying to sync a multiplayer game. It's a lot of craziness involved to simulate a synced looking illusion with a multiplayer game when users have different frame rates and different connections combined.
  3. aylictal

    tilesprite pixelated

    great! i've wrestled with a lot of these types of issues, even outside of phaser, can be a pain.
  4. aylictal

    tilesprite pixelated

    Another idea (may work may not): In var config, add following property: pixelArt: true,
  5. aylictal

    Reuse animations

    Depends by what you mean expensive. Destroy allows garbage collection to occur for it, so that it requires less in memory. Memory has always been my main constraint with my personal projects because my scenes are always so big, but to each their own.
  6. Yeah to make a manual debug visualizer, you have to opt to using this.add.graphics() because the phaser 2 version hasn't been implemented yet afaik.
  7. aylictal

    Reuse animations

    is the explosion necessary to exist post explosion? if so consider using instead: explosion.on('animationcomplete', ()=> explosion.destroy());
  8. aylictal

    tilesprite pixelated

    Something you can try (although I'm not sure if it will work) inside your style tag include: canvas { image-rendering: pixelated; }
  9. aylictal

    Fixed Scale?

  10. aylictal

    Help Moving Player Using Socket.IO and Phaser

    I'd be interested in hearing more responses to this thread on an efficient way to do this. Another really good article addressing this is this: http://buildnewgames.com/real-time-multiplayer/
  11. aylictal

    Help Moving Player Using Socket.IO and Phaser

    click events you know where the destination is, therefore you can easily send the destination of where you're moving to the server, then the server just broadcasts to everyone else as a dumb middleman, and all the clients then render that character moving to that spot. movement with keys however, you don't really know where the person is traveling to. thats what makes it really hard.
  12. aylictal

    Tilemap Displays Grid Lines (Render Artifacts)

    @bryantmakesprog on terminal: npm install --global tile-extruder tile-extruder --help returns me this on my windows machine in a bash shell:
  13. aylictal

    Fixed Scale?

    Have searched all over can't find anything in phaser 3 if i manipulate main camera scale to keep scale of certain sprites, such as gui elements.
  14. aylictal

    Fixed Scale?

    Hello! Does this function, or anything equivalent, exist in phaser 3? https://phaser.io/examples/v2/sprites/fixed-scale Thanks!
  15. aylictal

    Weird tile bug when the camera is moving

    Literally just ran into this same problem. There are several considerations here. Are you scaling your tiles? If you are scaling by a non integer value, this sorta crap can happen. This solution fixed all of my problems with this regard: