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  1. Hi, I'm facing the same problem. I don't actually have the answer yet, but I'm testing bitmapText and I got some good results, but not very crisp yet. Actually, my entire game looks waaaay better on mobile devices than in monitors, I know its because the devicePixelRatio is greater, but even Tweens are more fluid in mobile. Edit: Just found out that there is a FAQ about high resolution text that is not answered 😢.
  2. Hi, I want to create this module, it's composed with 4 connectors and a main module. I created each using the: this.scene.matter.add.sprite I would like to be able to batch them togheter and simply call: module.setPosition(x, y) to move all of it. It would me nice too (but not required) if I was able to batch multiple modules to create a space station and be able to move everything. I Tried with Matter Compound Bodies, but it seams that it can only compound matterjs pure bodies, not those with sprites attached to it. * I followed this example:\game objects\tilemap\collision\matter platformer with wall jumping.js I saw the new container feature but I dont know if it supports physics objects nor I was able to test it with the container branch. Can you guys help me pointing to a direction?