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  1. Babylon Headless on Server Side

    Yep! Here it is! log.txt
  2. Babylon Headless on Server Side

    Hi, I'm looking to make babylon run on server side, without a browser, to take screenshot of the 3D scene. To achieve that I created a project with headless-gl, but I've always the same error. Who can help me with this error, or maybe I can use another library? Here is the error: Babylon.js engine (v3.2.0-beta.5) launched BJS - [16:47:09]: Unable to compile effect: BJS - [16:47:09]: Uniforms: world, view, viewProjection, vEyePosition, vLightsType, vAmbientColor, vDiffuseColor, vSpecularColor, vEmissiveColor, vFogInfos, vFogColor, pointSize, vDiffuseInfos, vAmbientInfos, vOpacityInfos, vReflectionInfos, vEmissiveInfos, vSpecularInfos, vBumpInfos, vLightmapInfos, vRefractionInfos, mBones, vClipPlane, diffuseMatrix, ambientMatrix, opacityMatrix, reflectionMatrix, emissiveMatrix, specularMatrix, bumpMatrix, normalMatrix, lightmapMatrix, refractionMatrix, diffuseLeftColor, diffuseRightColor, opacityParts, reflectionLeftColor, reflectionRightColor, emissiveLeftColor, emissiveRightColor, refractionLeftColor, refractionRightColor, vReflectionPosition, vReflectionSize, logarithmicDepthConstant, vTangentSpaceParams, diffuseSampler, ambientSampler, opacitySampler, reflectionCubeSampler, reflection2DSampler, emissiveSampler, specularSampler, bumpSampler, lightmapSampler, refractionCubeSampler, refraction2DSampler and the code: package.json dependencies: "dependencies": { "babylonjs": "^3.2.0-beta.5", "gl": "^4.0.4", "jsdom-global": "^3.0.2", }, scene.js require('jsdom-global')() var gl = require('gl')(400,400); //headless-gl var BABYLON = require("babylonjs"); var mycanvas = { getContext: () => gl, addEventListener: function () { } }; var engine = new BABYLON.Engine(mycanvas, true); var scene = new BABYLON.Scene(engine); var box = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateBox('box', { size: 20 }, scene) var camera = new BABYLON.FreeCamera('camera', BABYLON.Vector3.Zero(), scene); var ground = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateGround('ground', 10, 10, 20, this.scene); scene.render()
  3. Parallax Occlusion has no effect

    oh, when I saw your file with the white background (compare to visualize the file in the imgur website) I understand that this is transparency. I changed my file and it's works. tks!!
  4. Hi! Anyone knows why, here, the useParallaxOcclusion exception has no effect with my texture? tks!
  5. babylonjs and nodejs on server side

    I tried this with headless-gl but I always obtain an empty image. How the nullEngine use the headless-gl, how can we give him an headless-gl canvas/context?
  6. babylonjs and nodejs on server side

    Hi guys, how do you create the HeadlessEngine with headless-gl? All my attempts gave me the error "Unable to compile effect" tks!