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  1. Crazywane

    Destroy Sprite manually

    yes, thats the plan. problem was to address the sprite, with "name" let children = group.getChildren(); children.forEach((child) => { console.log(; });
  2. Crazywane

    Destroy Sprite manually

    Hi, setName() is perfect. But, how can I destroy by name?
  3. Crazywane

    Destroy Sprite manually

    Hey, how can I delete a Sprite manually? Can I add an ID or Name? this.load.image('eye', 'assets/pics/lance-overdose-loader-eye.png'); this.add.sprite(100, 300, 'eye'); //Id 1 ??? this.add.sprite(200, 300, 'eye'); //Id 2 ??? this.add.sprite(300, 300, 'eye'); //Id 3 ??? this.add.sprite(400, 300, 'eye'); //Id 4 ??? this.add.sprite(500, 300, 'eye'); //Id 5 ??? this.add.sprite(600, 300, 'eye'); //Id 6 ??? Destroy() Id 4 ?
  4. Crazywane

    setVelocity to Server?

    hello, have any idea "setVelocity" function server side to use? "node.js" I want to check if the values, client side and server side match. thanks this.tankBody.setVelocity(300 * Math.cos(this.tankBody.rotation-Math.PI/2),300 * Math.sin(this.tankBody.rotation-Math.PI/2)); EDIT: Thanks, its finished
  5. Crazywane

    Multi Pool from Character to Pointer

    Hey @ll, i have a Problem, I want shoot with character . The character shoots to the mouse pointer. but, the shot is not quite correct. i include two Phaser 3 Examples:\game objects\tilemap\collision\csv map arcade physics.js&v=dev\pools\multi pools.js&v=dev The Code: Have any Idea for this Problem? Thanks for Help.