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  1. mattbnn

    I need you.

    If player can get more than one point in updateScore() you probably omit 100 score change to: if (player.score >= 100)
  2. mattbnn

    Tap 'n Dash - Reflex Game

    Awesome clean graphic! I think there should be max 3 lifes and the time to choose should shorter (it may get shorter the longer you play).
  3. mattbnn


    Really cool start effect, it's encouraging to play
  4. mattbnn

    A libgdx journey with HTML5

    Hello, great work! I made a game in LibGDX for iOS and Android and I've been thinking about porting it to HTML5. It is good to know it actually works
  5. mattbnn - Free to Play MMORPG

    Really clean graphics, good job!
  6. mattbnn

    Impossible Snake, one button snake game

    Really challenging game. I like the one button control