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  1. SunOfABeach

    Vue + Phaser 3 Webpack boilerplate

    Major Update I just released version 2 of the template, which is now based on Vue's new CLI 3. This means we get to use an excellent Webpack config that is maintained by the Vue CLI team, which I tweaked a little to make it play nice with Phaser. Additionally, we no longer have to modify any Webpack config directly if we want to make changes like adding a linter, router or vuex. Instead, we can add these things using Vue CLI 3's sleek plugin system. You can even use a GUI for that! Check out the docs.
  2. SunOfABeach

    Vue + Phaser 3 Webpack boilerplate

    What's up kormilo. The GameDownloader component's job is to download the Phaser game asynchronously as soon as the Vue components have finished downloading and have been rendered for the first time (as opposed to downloading everything all at once). Doing it this way is just personal preference. It gives the visitor of the site visual feedback as soon as possible, for the price of a two-step download process and delayed game launch. You can read about the async component pattern in the official Vue docs.
  3. SunOfABeach

    Vue + Phaser 3 Webpack boilerplate

    I created a Webpack template that sets up a Vue project with Phaser 3 integration. It's really minimal but can get people started. Feel free to hit me with suggestions. Cheers