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  1. kiklop133

    Check if interactive

    Thanks a lot.
  2. kiklop133

    Check if interactive

    For example if I set or disable GameObject to be interactive is there a way to check it's interactive status ?
  3. kiklop133

    change PathFollower collision shape

    Hello friends, I ran into collision shape problem. I Have one path follower with enebled physics to interact with other physics objects. But I can't figure out how to change collision shape. let follower = this.add.follower(new Phaser.Curves.Path(x, y).lineTo(x, y), x, y, 'texture');; Want do something like this. follower.setCircle(radius); Or at least change the size of rectangle. Thanks for reply in advance. EDIT: Ok guys nevermind, I couldn't solve problem in hours and few minutes after posting this topic, Bingo! follower.body.setCircle(radius); Sorry for mess.
  4. kiklop133

    Repeat the animation with only last two frames

    @tryhardprojects This should work. You create 2 animations, first will be played once and when ends, event "animationcomplete" trigger second animation which will be played repeatedly. this.anims.create( { key: 'character_create', frames: this.anims.generateFrameNumbers('spritenamehere', { start: 0, end: 5 }), frameRate: 10, }); this.anims.create( { key: 'character_repeat', frames: this.anims.generateFrameNumbers('spritenamehere', { start: 6, end: 7 }), frameRate: 10, repeat: -1, }); var character = this.add.sprite(x, z, 'character');'character_create'); character.on('animationcomplete', function (sprite) { if (sprite.key === 'character_create') {'character_repeat'); } }, this);
  5. kiklop133

    Upload game

    @bobonthenet code is working flawlessly, and if that's make game experience more stable why not use it . Thank you.
  6. kiklop133

    Upload game

    @bobonthenet Yes I did, see my previous submission. So, topic can be closed I guess.
  7. kiklop133

    Upload game

    I figured out this problem by adding css code into header section. Css z-index property did the job. <style> body { margin: 0px; } canvas { position: relative; z-index: -5; } </style>
  8. kiklop133

    Upload game

    Tried 3.7.1 and using 3.6. but that's not the issue. I mean when you load webpage with game. Game is running but it's not interactive so you have to click on it. What I found, is I have to click on iFrame which is overlaped with game canvas. Only small area are not blocked by canvas (white lines, see picture).
  9. kiklop133

    Upload game

    Ok so with input problem. I uploaded game also on NewGrounds. Clicking on game does not turn it interactive. I found that maybe iframe is blocking game canvas. Am I missing some metadata in header ? Anyone got running game on these sites?
  10. kiklop133

    Upload game

    Thank you mattferndale, I removed slash symbol and now it's showing textures. Hurray! Unfortunately game input become active only when I click on very tiny spot in TOP-LEFT corner but that's most likely kongregate's fault.
  11. kiklop133

    Upload game

    I'm trying now upload my first game on kongregate but without succes. What I get is blank screen with error textures. I guess it's server problem. So I googled but without anything usefull 😕
  12. kiklop133

    Pick random element

    Yep it's working. Many thanks. Docs need some work indeed.
  13. kiklop133

    Pick random element

    Hi, I'm still getting into phaser and javascript thing, and found this method (LINK) which return random element from array. But have no idea how to use it. Can I do something like this ?['sfx_0', 'sfx_1', 'sfx_2']));
  14. kiklop133

    Animated sprites in array

    Hello, I have problem with animated sprites in array playing animation. for (r = 0; r < 6; r++) { monster = this.add.sprite( r * x, r * y, 'monster'); monster.setDepth(2); monster.setVisible(false); monster.on('animationcomplete', function (sprite) { if (sprite.key === 'monster_create') {'monster_wait'); } else if (sprite.key === 'monster_wait') {'monster_smash'); } }, this); monsters[r] = monster; } then when I play for example monsters[0-4].play('monster_create'); The last indexed animated sprite (in this case [5]) is being played, NOT the one I played. Any help will be welcome Using phaser 3.6.0
  15. kiklop133

    Repeat timer event at random time

    Hello guys, I'm trying make timed event which will run in loop at random intervals. So I took some code from labs and modified it. function create () { timedEvent = this.time.addEvent({ delay: 1000, callback: onEvent, callbackScope: this}); } function onEvent () { timedEvent.reset({ delay: Phaser.Math.Between(100,5000), callback: onEvent, callbackScope: this, repeat: 1}); } This seems to work but I'm little bit confused why there needs to be repeat: 1, argument. Or it's just fine as it is.