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  1. kiklop133

    Group createCallback scope

    Probably stupid question but when I declaring Group object, I can create remove/createCallback in config and I'm wondering if there's also Scope to that callback. Like in timer this.time.addEvent({ delay: 1500,callback : this.onCallback,callbackScope : this});
  2. kiklop133

    The Chroma Incident

    Aesthetic of the game looks good, but firing is quite unresponsive while I'm doing click-to-shoot. Although hold mouse button to shoot feels ok. Overall it's nice game for 13KB.
  3. kiklop133

    delayed overlap animation

    @samme TIL ignoreIfPlaying 😃. But that will not solve his problem cause it'll trigger animation multiple times.
  4. kiklop133

    delayed overlap animation

    @old_blueyes ,You need disable fence's collision check after overlap is triggered, otherwise it'll be triggering every frame until it jumps out overlap. fence.body.checkCollision.none = true; add that code at line 218 in your code. in jumpFence function.
  5. kiklop133

    Matter sprite origin

    @iKest Ok, good to know. So I'm going to use another solution for my problem. lol
  6. kiklop133

    Matter sprite origin

    @iKest thanks for fast reply. But I dont get that anyway. I can change shape now but anchor still remains at center of collider.
  7. kiklop133

    Matter sprite origin

    Hello, I'm wondering if there is way to change offest on collider. var sprite = this.matter.add.sprite(600, 300, 'diamond'); sprite.setOrigin(0.1, 0.60); sprite.setAngle(90); The sprite's offset is changed correctly but collider is on same place as before. Thanks for further reply.
  8. kiklop133

    [Phaser 3] Maggot Diorama | clicker, defense

    @splashshadow TY for nice comment. I'm little ashamed to say it, but this game feels and also is, unfinished. That's why it has such rating, so I'm not complaining.
  9. kiklop133

    [Phaser 3] Maggot Diorama | clicker, defense

    @jamespierce I draw occasionaly as hobby. This game has just simple sprites nothing complex like faces/animals etc. which I can't handle properly. And using old Autodesk Sketchbook 6.2 (runs smooth even on old pc) + cheapest wacom tablet.
  10. kiklop133

    [Phaser 3] Maggot Diorama | clicker, defense

    @jamespierce I appreciate your response. I already have some new ideas for the game but as you said I'll take break for while. And then I'll try to push things further. Also yes, graphic are home made
  11. kiklop133

    [Phaser 3] Maggot Diorama | clicker, defense

    Thanks @geeksesi::javad(); for playing. About that source code, it would be great to grow this game but I'm little bit skeptical. Code is not OOP / modular as it should be. But I will looking how it goes, though.
  12. kiklop133

    [Phaser 3] Rookie Bowman

    Solid game mechanics, game was fun.
  13. I was wondering about web-game development so I picked phaser 3 and tried make something in spare time. I would not play game like this by myself but I appreciate if you would. (hahaha). This game is offering only little content and I wish I had more time for this but anyway. I'm happy by finishing it at all. Link:
  14. kiklop133

    PathFollower onComplete

    Hi guys, I run into some problems with pathfollower. When follower reach his end I want do some stuff, but code follower.startFollow({ duration: 1500, onComplete: function () { this.textN.setScale(2); } }); throws at me that textN variable isn't defined. Or follower.startFollow({ duration: 1500, onComplete: this.makeTextBig() }); this code runs function(makeTextBig) without error but its executed onStart not onComplete. Any suggestion? thanks.
  15. kiklop133

    Check if interactive

    Thanks a lot.