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  1. Try to control scane and now understand why i have bad think.... Now i can play with scane ! TY https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#CEFBN6
  2. Thank you, boys. I understand why I can not do it! Thank you for explaining to me!
  3. Ok after position my box in center how to position this box in top ? box.position.y = ? to top 0 ?
  4. Bro i just show what i need to make with babylon. I dont know how to position box and looking for example how to position box like top 0 pixels. For example i use css...
  5. That I can draw lines easy
  6. Hi masters! Today i try to make box who have one pixel width and height and try to put this box like that. I want to make this result . #box { width:1px; height:1px; position: fixed; top:0px; left:0px; } Someone who show me example how to do this result ? Ty advanced!
  7. rkstyle

    Only one week with babylon !

    Lol ...
  8. Hi MASTERS! Today im happy to show you what i do with babylon and this forum! I have to learn more and babylon is new for me but i know js and i make one demo. Here i want to say only thank you for all ! You help me to make it! Have fun Project link : //fly.rkstyle.info/ You can controll ship with: A D S W and mouse weel