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  1. Magilla

    Meshes from .obj file are loaded twice

    Are you able to replicate the issue on the Playground?
  2. Does this sudden turn of conversation have anything to do with me mentioning that I might need to pay a specific member of this forum to help me with a project? I hope that I have shown on this forum so far that (1) I know enough JS ( and coding) to be able to help people with basic stuff; and (2) I'm happy to do so, and learn stuff on the way. I joined because I have a project that I want to do, which is currently personal in scope, but I may extend enough that it becomes useful to others. While I have experience in programming, I am acutely aware that I have no experience with GUIs, 3D space, or modeling, and that I'm no artist. Sure, I can learn this stuff over time, but given the wide range of needs and attention required, I feel that it would be better of me to pay someone for time to actually concentrate on this project, at least until I get to the point where I can do most of the heavy lifting myself, and ask questions in a more targeted and and intelligent way than I could now. I honestly think that what I'm doing could become a regular use case for BJS if it's made easy to implement, but I don't want to say "hey community, do my project for me for free!" I'm willing to do what I can to get this going (within the scope of my personal budget, time and skills), and I think it's important to do some hard yards rather than just expecting people to breathe for me.
  3. Magilla

    Blurred text

    @Sebavan Thank you for that. My upcoming project (which I might need to hire @Pryme8 for ) probably needs this exact information.
  4. The main constraints will likely be the end-user - browser, hardware spec, and internet speed.
  5. I tried to start putting debugging statements into that playground example, but it runs so poorly, it keeps crashing my browser.
  6. Magilla

    Rotating Mesh Around Y Axis using lookAt

    It's super smooth for me already, so I have no idea how to start helping with that 😕
  7. Magilla

    Rotating Mesh Around Y Axis using lookAt

    @freetoplay How do you decide when the mouse is behind the duck for the back 180 degrees of rotation?
  8. Magilla

    Rotating Mesh Around Y Axis using lookAt

    Is this what you needed? Edit: re-reading the original post, I'm beginning to thing you want the duck to look at the mouse. Never mind me...
  9. Magilla

    Rotating Mesh Around Y Axis using lookAt

    I don't know enough about Babylon to help with that yet, but I've refactored your event handling code to remove a bug: you never cancel the onMouseMove once the object hit is confirmed. This will hopefully be a bit easier to work with: The console shows that the onMouseMove code only runs when the button is down.
  10. Magilla

    Scene observables firing order

    onBefore and onAfter?
  11. Magilla

    Pivot and position 3.2

    @WingnutTBH, it looks to me like line 34 is doing what it says on the box, but line 32 is setting a pivot based on absolute coords rather than relative ones, and the rotation isn't occurring around the pivot point. The alert boxes show that the pivot and absolute pivot points are at exactly the same place: -1, -1, -1, where the sphere was being put before I commented out line 34.
  12. Magilla

    Basic rotation

    Until you show us some code, we have two options: Show you it working correctly (see my first post) Make wild guesses (see the rest of the thread) The behaviour you describe does not make sense in my experience of the system, so unless someone has seen it and solved it previously, I don't know that there's a lot more we can do.
  13. Magilla

    Is a flat projection possible?

    OK, I'll go with that. Thanks!
  14. Magilla

    Basic rotation

    Are you using rotation.x = 0.05 or rotation.x += 0.05 in your code? rotation.x += 0.05 is the same as saying rotation.x = rotation.x + 0.05 which will DEFINITELY cause your mesh to spin every frame, because it will change (add 0.05 to) the value of rotation.x every time the loop goes through. To set the value so it doesn't change, use rotation.x = 0.05.
  15. Magilla

    Basic rotation

    Head over to and at the top right, change from "Basic Scene" to "Rotation and Scaling". There, you'll see the code required to do rotations the way you want. The rotations are not based on 360 degrees. 360 degrees is actually 2xPi (or about 6.28). To rotate by n degrees, you'd want to rotate by a value of (2 * Math.PI) / 360 * n.