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  1. I want to warn developers on this forum about these companies since I see them advertised here. I was approached by Ted Ursu from Kizi asking if they could license my game Super Stacker 2. I didn't respond as I had a lot on and didn't notice the email to right away to be honest. They seemingly took that to mean they could just go ahead and decompile my game and replace my branding and adverts with their own. They have done that and are actively distributing it on keeping all the revenue for themselves (note: Kizi, Orange Games and are all the same company). They are currently not responding to my emails. Basically I want to warn you guys: Developers: Please check to see if they have also stolen any of your games too. Publishers: Please be wary if you are using this service you could be hosting stolen content that Orange Games/ (same company) have obtained illegally. All: If they are willing to blatantly steal games like this I wonder what else they will do to increase their revenue? Can we trust a company like this not to misreport your revenue etc.? Who knows.
  2. GazThomas offers revenue share!

    It's funny to hear people saying they got a response in 1 hour. / Orange Games / Kizi (they are all the same company) have decompiled one of my games, removed my branding, replaced it with their own branding/adverts and are actively distributing it via I've emailed them 2 weeks ago and they have not responded and are still distributing it/pretending it is their own game and keeping all the revenue for themselves.