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  1. I am wondering if it possible to make emitter produce sparks with dynamic - not predefined colours. All examples demands the asset in png format. Can I create a particle source of the desired colour dynamically from code?
  2. glebk

    Multicolor text

    How can I create a multistyle/multicolored text like here ? Can't find anything similar in phaser 3.
  3. glebk

    Custom bitmap for 2d object

    Thanks! And the next problem. Here is my code //just add graphic var; graphic.fillStyle(0xff00ff,1); graphic.fillRect(0,0,60,60); //add sprite with graphic content{x: 0, y: 0, add: false}); this.graphic2.fillStyle(0x2200ff,0.4); this.graphic2.fillRect(0,0,60,60); this.graphic2.generateTexture('graphic2',60,60); var spr=this.add.sprite(0,0,'graphic2'); Here is the result: Rectangles 1 and 2 should overlap completely in my opinion, but the second one is centered around the upper left corner instead of has the exact position of the 1st one. What am I doing wrong and how to fix it?
  4. glebk

    Custom bitmap for 2d object

    I am pretty new to phaser and js game development. And I need to construct game objects from the primitives, not load from image. So have two questions: 1) How can I make like filled circle GameObject? Can't find examples how to do it in phaser 3, only in phaser 2. 2) What I really need is a game object, where each pixel filled dynamically with its own colour. Imagine circle filled with "moving gradient" - like that. How can I achieve it? Is there any way to do it with enough performance? Would be really appreciate for answers.