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  1. It's getting better. It doesn't get stuck after a while. It still stop for a moment while it loads new tiles in though. Thank you for the update John
  2. Hi John, I tried it and it's working but after I a while everything stops and can't move anymore
  3. Thank you John that's very interesting and looks promising. It's something similar to what I'm trying to do.
  4. Thank you Pryme8 I'll check those links out.
  5. I haven't found anybody yet.
  6. Hi Alokozam, can you pm me some examples of streaming 3d models from a web server depending on user vicinity? Many thnaks, Luigi
  7. I've asked for somebody to help me on this because we need it quickly: Thanks
  8. We are looking for a BabylonJS coder to assist us with a 3D project. We have a large 3d mesh terrain with many buildings on top. We will split them into numerous tiles/chunks and we need to stream the tiles into the scene from a web server when the camera moves close to the tile position. We also need to work on a few other functions. We will deal with all the data preparation side. Just need someone to help us with the coding part. If capable and interested, please send me a private message to start the conversation. Luigi
  9. thank you ALL for the pointers. timetocode yes I am familiar with chunking, in-fact I use it in Unreal Engine. The issue now is, how to actually implement it in BabylonJs? I mean where would you put the logic in? In the player, so depending on the player's current coordinates you load/unload certain chunks/tiles? Alternatively, would it be possible to have, say, a bounding box (maybe by creating a simple transparent box) for each chunk/tile. Make it larger than its contents. When the player enters that box, it triggers a little loading script for that chunk/tile? That's one of the ways it works in Unreal Engine... would it work here as well? And if so, how do I do it? Thank you, Luigi
  10. Thank you Deltakosh for your reply. Our environment is made up of accurate 3d models of buildings and land. Will we be able to stream those too on-demand from a server? If so, where should we start? I know it's a broad question, but I mean what do I need to publish those models and make them stream from an AWS server?
  11. Hello everybody, we need to publish a large urban environment (150Km2) on-line and we really like the look that you can achieve in Babylon compared to alternatives like Cesium. My question is, is it possible to have small tiles (0.25-1Km2) streamed from a server (AWS/Azure/GCloud) whenever the user gets within a certain distance? Many thanks, Luigi