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    Making a balloon physics

    Thanks for the answer, Exca. Will try to figure out your suggestion. Hope it can help me much! Wish you a nice day!
  2. newbie1377

    Making a balloon physics

    Well, probably every animation at once, from appearing in the bottom, moving to top, translating into "squarelike" object, pumping its bottom down and up again to fit into the final "squarelike" object. So you think it's impossible to create such animation (imitiating physics) via only one sprite? Thanks for the answer.
  3. newbie1377

    Making a balloon physics

    Hello guys, Need some help with creating a custom animation (currently using Tween.js, you can suggest any) that reproduces balloon physics, exactly like in the video ( Watch please in 0.25x speed in order to deeply understand its behavior. Is it possible to make such an animation with only one sprite(one png image of a balloon, don't consider a bird inside right now) or should it be done via changing textures overtime (i.e. condition, when "top" point of texture "touches" top of container)? If it's possible, can you please suggest solution or any literature (video, text, whatever) which can help me with my case? Thanks!