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  1. Jouerose

    Functional Programming

    @Suave hope you are well. I use babylonjs from Clojurescript. I wrap parts of the API I use in clojurescript. if there is anything from that standpoint that can help you, please let me know. cheers
  2. Jouerose

    does "hasAlpha" work on "emissiveTexture" ?

    IT WORKED: to have the same texture in the emissiveTexture field as well as the opacityTexture field did make the engine read the opacity of the image. Thank you
  3. Jouerose

    does "hasAlpha" work on "emissiveTexture" ?

    thank you for your response @Wingnut from my point of view, the engine should allow such an operation: hasAlpha on emissiveTexture. @deltakosh what do you think ? PS: I have encoutered this issue as I am working on a 2D interactive piece. cheers
  4. Hello all, I was wondering whether from your experience, setting as true the hasAlpha property of an emissiveTexture work for you in the context of an image that has transparency ? if yes , could you please provide a simple playground example ? I know it works on diffuseTexture but so far I do not see it work on emissiveTexture. thank you for your input and help
  5. Thank you for your comments @Amarth2Estel
  6. Thank you very much @SinhNQ for your help. I also wish @Deltakosh tell us more about it.
  7. Hello, In the playground below, I am trying to move a TextBlock using the moveToVector3 method, however it does not seem to work. while i get linkWithMesh to work (it is commented out in the code), I do not understand why moveToVector3 does not work. thank you for your help.