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  1. Hello Jerome. Thanks for your reply. Ok I was really hoping to keep my sprites system, but I'll try either your solution or Deltakosh one.
  2. Hi Deltakosh, Thanks for your reply. Do you mean something like using a mesh instead of a sprite like a plane, then set my texture to this plane and set plane.billboardMode to BILLBOARDMODE_ALL? I have a lot of sprites. My project is a Map in 3D of a building let's say a shopping center and each shop is represented by a mesh in 3D and floating above a sprite which is the shop's logo. I'm affraid that using meshes instead of sprites will drop down the rendering.
  3. Ok I found how to fix it by using renderingGroupId parameter from the meshes and the sprite manager. set 0 to meshes and 1 to sprite manager. But it's not perfect, if we set the camera position under the plane (grass) we have the sprite drawn before the plane.
  4. Hello guys, I have troubles with showing shapes that have an opacity < 1 and which are behind a sprite that also has an opacity < 1. I attach a screenshot and here the playground As you can see the shapes behind the sprite disappear I tried differents options with material's shape such as : forceDepthWrite needDepthPrePass separateCullingPass zOffset But nothing works, and on the Sprite side we don't have a lot of parameters to play with. I wonder if it's not due to a kind of optimization of babylon to not drop down the render.