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  1. I changed the babylon.js it worked..Thanks.. But i am stuck into another problem!! I do not have any idea how to link a component(script) for a game object..If i proceed in the way how Unity works(by attaching a c# file), i am not able to see the changes in webpage , that i have done on script..I am not able to find any solution from google or any of the babylon's documentation. Please help!!
  2. Yes its working in web.. Here is the url: http://zinfinitygames.co.nf
  3. Hello, I am stuck while developing a game for Facebook instant Game using Babylon.These are steps i followed to create a sample game using Babylon: 1.I used Babylon toolkit for Unity http://doc.babylonjs.com/resources/intro to make a sample game. 2.I exported to create a Babylon scene build. 3.Added all the scripts & functions required to make it viable for Facebook instant Game's environment. Ref:https://doc.babylonjs.com/resources/babylonjs_and_instant_games After it was hosted in Facebook Instant game, i checked it in messenger where i am not able to view the scene.Further i investigated more and found that there is a problem in scene rendering. Have anyone faced this issue earlier?  Please help!!