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  1. Hi @samme, Thank you very much ! Everything is working perfectly ❤️ I import files like this in .angular-cli.json : "scripts" : "./path/to/PhaserVirtualJoystick.js", "./path/to/Button.js", "./path/to/DPad.js", "./path/to/Stick.js" ] Then I must set the Phaser context and the Plugin name « as any », to load the plugin with typescript in my game.component.ts : declare var Phaser : any; this.pad = as any); Thanks again.
  2. Hi @rich, I bought the Virtual Joystick plugin for Phaser 2 but I can't get it to work with Typescript. Do you know if there is a trick to use it this way ? I'm working with Angular5 and I think that I tried almost everything to import it ... Cannot set property 'game' of undefined at Phaser.PluginManager.add (phaser.js:30712) Regards,