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  1. andrefbr21

    Developer For Hire [$20/Hour Rate]

    UP! Developed lots of hyper casual games using Unity: If you need to make a budget please feel free to contact me at:
  2. andrefbr21

    Referencing JS Phaser plugins from Typescript

    @striderxz got it to work, i just added what you did inside phaser.comments.d.ts pointed the right url path to kenney json. and added this line before any slick ui interface code.;
  3. andrefbr21

    Referencing JS Phaser plugins from Typescript

    bump I have the same problem too, i wanted to use slack-ui in my typescrupt project, but it's not wrking. The typescrupt definitions are not fouund, there are any workaround for this?
  4. andrefbr21

    Developer For Hire [$20/Hour Rate]

    Hello there, i am available for a new freelance. Just finished a board game for a client here over HTML5 forums. Developed the game from the ground up in 10 days. With all the required rules, animations, interfaces, etc. The art was made by my artist, and i did the programming. We are avaible for work. I will keep posting here completed jobs. @yoopark I liked your idea, and I surely can help you with this. Dropped a PM to you with more information and my working e-mail. Best Regards. @yoopark
  5. Hello, my name is André Fellipe i am a Senior Game Developer, worked on serveral mobile and desktop games. I have 6 years of experience in Flash + Adobe Air + Action Script 3. Experience in Unity 3d where i developed ninja shuriken saga: 3 years of experience in Java making desktop applications and some board / card games. And now i am working with HTML 5 + Phaser and Pixi.js. Portfolio: I have developed the front end and a little bit of the backend of MegaJogos games. Worked for Cupcake Entertainment: If you need some experienced developer please send me a message or drop me a e-mail at Thank You. Best Regards, André F.
  6. andrefbr21

    tween onCompleteCallback?

    You can use the last parameter to pass aditional parameters to the function, this way you dont need to use anonymous functions ex: t.onComplete.add(this.addQuestion, this, 0, this.questionText);